Data log 101;
Personal writing,
Has just begun.
I do this just for fun,
But it also keeps me,
Away from the gun.
Contrary to the bright side,
Sometimes it keeps me,
Away from the sun.
This mind weighs a ton,
But what’s done is done,
There’s no where to run.
I can try;
But I must face,
My demons eventually.
That’s why I choose,
To abuse;
This ink pen successfully.
Recede with the flow,
When my thoughts,
Got pregnancy.
Reflect on my past use,
Of cannabis, pills, & hennessy.
To escape from the thoughts,
That’s much too menacing,
For me to handle.
Viewpoints flip flop,
Like a pair of sandals.
Brain’s sizzling like,
A lit candlewick.
I journey deep inside,
To find;
What makes me tick,
What I often find,
Makes me sick.
Bleed so easy,
My skins so thick?
Can’t process shit,
My mind thinks,
So quick.
Tell me; Tell me,
What’s the trick?
2 paths;
Which to pick?
Should I bail or stick?
Should I swing or kick?
Should I hit or miss?
Used my last wish,
On a kiss with bliss,
But that bliss,
Turned into abyss.
Even in the after life,
I’ll be;
Sifting through this,
For at least a few hours.
Slowly losing power,
Trying to convince myself,
That I am not a coward.
But that’s hard to do when,
Every night I get devoured.

Just a lonely horse,
Led astray,
From the stables,
That’s trying to avoid,
Being apart,
Of your foolish fables.
All I see is drama,
Like I’m;
Flipping through cable.
Some think I’m an a-hole,
I ain’t down with your labels.
I am not defined,
By your judgements,
And expectations.
I am not defined,
By my fears,
And complications.
I’m much more,
Than some;
Small conversation.
I’m much more,
Than some;
Worthless occupation.
Everyday I defy domination,
Break the chains,
Of my souls incarceration.
At night my mind,
Wanders off into constellations,
Searching for that consultation prize,
One that I have conceptualized.
These cold, dead eyes;
Could not surprise,
The bewilderment of my,
Inevitable demise.
After all; The sun must fall,
Before it can rise,
In this journal lies the truth.

To my journal,
Where ideas pop,
Like corn kernels.
To my digital diary,
A place where imagination,
Has dared to inspire me.
Welcome; To the explicit,
Thoughts of my mind,
Once where this,
Crazy diamond had shined.
Locked; In Pandora’s,
Box confined.
When you journey,
Into my journal,
There’s always something,
To find; Author signed.

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