All your favorite rappers,
Are dyin’, dyin’;
From the drugs they,
Be tryin’, tryin’.
Got it under control,
You know;
They be lyin’, lyin’;
Crashing down when,
They done flyin’, flyin’.
The audience gonna cheer.
What’s death when,
You got absolutely no fear?
How you gonna be afraid,
In the eyes of your peers?
They expect you to be strong,
They expect you to,
Live fast; Not live long.
How does no one see,
What’s wrong;
With this picture?
Performing songs,
While faded from,
The elixir;
That special mixture.
Highs elevating off,
The Richter’s.
Tryna’ be the next,
Iconic enigma.
With lean in your sprite,
Fingers flexin’ trigger’s.
Deep down;
They’re miserable,
Makin’ them seven figures.
Gotta have;
The dopest tracks,
To show who’s 🍆 bigger.
That’s that pride strokin’,
Ill spoken; Mouth chokin’,
Temptation soakin’,
Mentality that hasn’t yet,
Sense of self broken,
Dope copin’;
Basket with no,
Fuckin’ lotion.
Bill some pills,
Murder some pussy,
At will;
It’s a lust to kill,
Rappin’ bars,
For the eerie chills,
The ego spills,
When the void overfills.
Innocence instilled,
Stumbled down the hill,
Carrying your entrails,
Nahh; Never fails.
It’s he who hails,
It’s thee who sails,
Turbulent tides,
Still prevails.
One thousand nails,
Onna’ cross so frail,
They forget God,
Become God,
Now they thinkin’,
They found,
That Holy Grail,
Tryna’ make like Libra,
Balance the scales.
Rockin’ jewels,
Like Zales,
But this lifestyle,
Ain’t for sale.
It ain’t for sale.
To rapper,
To actor,
From actor,
To author,
They rewrote,
The chapter.
A brand new life,
Here after,
I suggest being,
Prepped for,
An endless rapture.
Better start running now,
If you wanna avoid,
Your inevitable capture,
Hope for mankind,
Is fallin’ faster & faster.

RIP to the OG’s,
Don’t let me OD.
I can’t survive,
The lifestyle,
Of the old me.
This soul an oldie,
I need someone,
To hold me.
Roll up n’ blow tree,
I be;
Ashin’ this rollie.
As a fan I solely,
Take responsibility,
For indulging,
In your destructive vices.
All them bangers,
Was just a call of crisis.
Blows my mind like ISIS,
Happiness got them prices,
But it don’t matter what,
Else entices;
You know all that matter,
Is whether or not,
If you got,
The right cents,
Not the right sense.
Nahh; U ain’t been,
Right since.
Spread yourself,
Weak & dense,
Your methods,
Til’ we condense.
Kick down,
The pickett fence,
For an entrance,
To after party events.
With these vibes,
You dispense, the pressure,
Has truly been immense.
Open vessel to demons intense,
Both new & past tense,
But honestly all that irrelevance.
So; Who got the elegance?
Who got the elements?
The facts or historical intelligence?
It’s hard to heal in an environment,
Where your heroes can’t stay,
Sober with elegance.
Be the settlement.
Be the sedative,
Mind tripping repetitive,
We all got free will,
It’s desire that meddles this.
Put a hand in the air,
If you don’t fuckin’ care.
Consciously unaware,
Inna thousand mile stare.
Near death ain’t a scare,
When you’re,
Nowhere & elsewhere.
I see;
A crowd of carbon copies,
But, is anybody else there?

Rip Mac Miller 💜


Rip Lil Peep 💜

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