Those Four Words

Walking on the edge again,
Feeling Your life like, why,
You came to my place just when,
Everything was starting all over again

It’s not like I never heard those four words
Even though you didn’t say it I know what their worth,
I thought I caught you from the stars that day
Didn’t know you’d go back to stay
Written from my heart,
These knives and mirrors keep me up at night
Lately—I haven’t been feeling so lucky…
So, I let you walk away – pretended to be okay – you left and I stood still
And I couldn’t help but look back and say

Why. Why? Why. Your silence gives you away.
Why? Why Did you even look my way?
I guess you fit in with the rest of the crowd
I know you’ve been hurt
I know you’ve been lost
I see now you are hiding from your self
Bitter sweet symphony – you let me play my own heart
After all you said? After all we did?
Did you not see the sunlight in my eyes that day?
We were up so high
Its our last memory
And still I can’t pretend when I know I was just a memory
It doesn’t even matter. I can’t stand your face.
Walking blind seems to be the story of my life
Born to be pushed around
Dark memories. Faded.
Can’t pretend this life is more than just jaded.
Just one last goodbye, one last kiss before I write you to the sky

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