Icy knee’s,
Shivering in the,
Winter freeze,
To the blowing breeze,
I drop the trailer for a tease.
Spark that incendiary,
To give;
My lungs a wheeze,
A forest of tree’s,
To please.
I stay blessed like,
I always sneeze.
This is ancient wisdumb,
This that Socrates.
Do you feel that chill?
Do you get those thrills,
When your attitude trill?
You possess that will,
To obtain that skill.
Emotions spill; When you take,
That tumble down the hill.
Sometimes all it take,
Is that dollar bill,
You gotta get your fill.
With a voice so shrill,
The whole world stands,
Frozen still;
Pause time with just,
One damn pill,
I’ve been feelin’ ill,
My mental on overkill.

To the core,
Dying in;
The winter wars.
Been prayin’,
Can you hear me Lord?
What’s my purpose,
On this Earth even for?
I’ve been getting bored,
Cause’ no one can,
Leave me rest assured,
I’m left grippin’,
The double edged sword,
Fighting my emotions,
Through the down pours,
My cup’s overflowing.
The same old bull shit keeps,
Coming & going; Never slowing.
You can feel it in the wind,
Still blowing; Never knowing,
The truth that’s showing.
Snakes in the grass,
Keep mowing.
Shine mother fucker,
Keep glowing.
These fakers just gonna,
Keep owing; Shade throwing.
Chilling tales of winter,
Lightly snowing,
Floating through the air.
Why you rippin’ out your hair,
When you can do anything you dare?
I declare;
I’ve got a word or 2 to spare.
Flurries of nightmares,
And you’re still unaware.
Perhaps that’s why,
You choose to impair.
Sprinting away from,
The cinematic terror,
It’s a quite common error,
And we come;
From a fucked up era.
That’s why I’m,
A frequent stereo blara’,
Of Pantera.
Running from myself,
Like wet mascara,
Only to see,
The cleara’ picture.
I was unscrewed,
From the fixture,
Til’ I mixed up,
The elixir;
And took a sip,
For all these tricksta’s,
Peeps who think they slicksta’s.

Ayy Yo;
I’m clinically cold,
Cynically scrolled,
Tightly rolled,
To escape the mold,
I’m crossing the threshold,
Of infinity’s fold,
Digging up the gold.
I’ve been;
Wearing out my soul,
For the remedy sold.
Can’t cure death,
I’m only growing old.
The prophecy has been told,
Your evening news program,
Has been pulled,
Tainted & since, trolled.
This place we call home,
Is a damn joke,
Minds frying like egg yolk,
No words had been spoke.
Deep roots of the great oak,
Have awoke.
Pass the peace pipe,
And take a toke,
Blowin’ shotgun smoke,
Of dope to cope,
Barely hanging on,
Running out of rope.
Yet when givin’ advice,
You reply “nope”.
Letting life fuck ya like,
You dropped the soap, ope. 🤐
I’mma stay inside,
Til the season pass.
I’mma stay inside,
Til the season turns,
To ash, stay clean;
Til the next relapse,
And let myself,
Get baked;
Like gingersnaps.
Get comfy;
And kamikaze,
My mind;
Into phone apps.
Losin’ my peace,
In time traps,
And LMAO when,
The stick slaps.
Slave my soul,
To make stacks.
Trickle down when,
The beat smacks.
Scooby Doo a clue,
To eat snacks.
Mix & master tracks,
To murder the beast,
With two backs.
Frame my artifacts,
With golden plaques.
To rewrite my life,
Through written raps.
Scripted into chapters,
Of malicious acts.
Roll up like,
I’m twisting wax,
Then crank the turbo,
To the max.
Peaking through,
Cracks of glass,
My memories past.
Personality banana spilts,
When I get completely trashed.
My thoughts make like,
Barry Allen; & get flashed.
I’mma show you,
What’s in the secret stash,
These ain’t just buttons I mash,
I strum along the soul like Tash.
These guns of Brixton will Clash,
But I don’t fuck with the backlash.

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