Been hopin’;
That the gears,
Of the years,
Could turn back,
All my tears.
Been livin’ with fear,
Fear that I may not,
See things so clear,
Or even that,
These things may,
From my sight of,
The rearview mirror.
All I must remember,
Is that I’m still here.
Do you hear?

Bud crackles,
In a bowl once clear.
I blew smoke,
To expell past years.
Hope someone’s,
Rooting for me,
Cause’; I don’t hear,
The cheers.
Just sitting here,
Recycling beers.
Tried to stop time,
Got my hand,
Stuck in the gears.
So; Rips the flesh,
From my fears,
Conscious disillusion,
Sketches me near,
I wanna erase but,
Stained ink;
Won’t disappear,
If you try;
To wipe away,
At best;
The message,
Will only smear.
These days,
Been feelin’ weird.
Reflecting back,
In which I mirrored.
Ponder my existence,
As I scratch upon,
My “somewhat” beard.
Will I let my life be endeared?
I’ve hated myself for years,
But I’ve been,
Learning to love again,
Reverse these tears.

A perfect circle,
Is never full.
A perfect circle,
Is never whole.
True perfection must,
Sacrifice soul,
In order to control,
The role.
What lies inside,
The circle;
Is a bottomless pit.
We fill the 2D drawing,
Third dimensional bliss.
It’s an;
Unforgiving abyss,
But we’re coping,
Hoping; That could be,
The end of it, but it never is.
Humans fail,
Humans overcome.
Don’t they make,
Sewing kits,
For sweaters undone?
Sinning in the sun,
Just looking for,
Some fun;
To take a break,
From this restless run.
I’ve been trying to,
Keep up; Cause’,
I missed the starting gun.
The confliction.
What a psychological,
I’ve been;
On the borderline,
Of eviction,
Seems addiction,
Fit the description.
With depiction,
The recycled condition,
Of my unnerving existence.
If there’s a heaven,
Please tell me,
I haven’t yet missed it.
Had the opportunity,
To create it, but I pissed it,
Watched as years,
Passed by throughout,
The day;
With only myself,
To blame for I,
Chose to stay & play,
Within my illusive dismay.

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