Mind’s Eye


Come now,

let’s chat awhile;

Look beyond

The dazzling smile.

A heart fractured;

in denial.

Continuing on

through this cycle.


Deeper yet,

My mind goes.

Following this

Sick ass flow.

Down, down

The rabbit hole.

Not alice,

But feel quite close.


Bipolar lows,

And Manic highs.

Heartfelt laughs;

To broken cries.

As my innocence

Quickly died.

The night I tried

To turn back time.

Pressed rewind.

Rewrote those lines.

But the pages,

I could not unbind.

From the chapters

Of my life.

Now lost to Time.


Though I cried,

And wept inside.

I Drowned it out

In the back of my mind.

Yet here I shine

a Being of Light

Infinitely tied

To that

which is mine.

If you think

it’s Him,

You’re as big a Fool

As I.

Cause both of us

Know, that was

the lie.

Now I’m free to

Truly fly.

With wings

like icarus

Do i have the


To stay alive.


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