How could you do this to me?

I did so much for you, and you betrayed me.

You asked for my help, and I helped,

But when I asked, you turned your back on me.

You ask for shelter and food, and I provided you with such,

Yet when I was in the same need, you slammed your door in my face.

How could you ever treat the one who helped you in such a manner?

Why not repay the favor and be kind?

I did nothing wrong, I only did what was right.

You treat me with such wickedness that I fear the Devil pities you.

No one should ever suffer the wickedness you thrust upon me.

This is why I left for good.

You were toxic, deadly, and corrosive.

The vipers of the jungles compare nothing to you.

You yourself are the mere image of Evil itself.

You, dear man, are the face of Wickedness.

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