“Ever lone valentine rose.”

You see, no other flower walks with me, nor daisy, nor tulip, nor lovely cherished other…I, thy rose has been torn of thine petals. Only I have no thorns either.

I am, but a useless flower of all thine fair

Nigh; I, that no one keeps, just a throw away. Give me away. I; forgotten by lovers who break the petals away. Forgotten in woe from past sorrow.

Forgotten by those from savage willow’s past.

Forgotten by those… that…the love was given, and none, but never stay and never delay time for mine love, and delay mine time for someone to love.

Oh dear lord, castith mine gaze away from fools this game we dance away.

Night by night, day by day. Here by own self.

Searching for lover that smile, yet that thine smile frown with age, But no! holding no glory of such said loving ways.

Like a valentine rose just thrown away. Always just a bouquet that grows old to all.

Only special one day to a very rare person. That one night stand in a vase. Them thrown away into trash bins, on the street, on the sidewalk, at funerals…

And at carnivals, even on your wedding day!

I; am that rose that does not, cold be given from me.

I; am that rose that does not, have someone to be given to.

For I am thy ever lone valentine rose. I am thine rose.

That was torn apart by other flowers. Snuffed into the ground by users, pushed to the back of the Garden of Eden.

As earth I walk, yet none walk beside in lovers way. Why, oh why? For that flower waiting for me; must have died.

Woe is me. For I am, but ever lone valentine rose waiting. The loner of kingdom hearts bleeding around me.

Oh what a fools game they play and ploy. Why, oh why. Has no, one given me to anyone. Why, oh why. Has no, one found me a person to preserve me.

For I am thy dying flower in that vase at the back of Eden. Touch me and bleed my thorns only grow so far. Give me love and my thorns go away, yet still forgotten.

Until your last day play, gazing harp. Pulling my petals away, wishing and wishing. For just one to stay.

Lone valentine rose, sad tale of thee only crying in your vase of tears blood red. Alone to be; forged with fire of life’s hell, yet smitten and lovely.

Ever company, ill stay in wait; alone to be. Speakith mine name’ for callith me by mine.

Thy ever lone valentine rose, but why oh why. Ill ask forever. Will just one stay by my side. Neigh!

Please take me away from this lonely existence of bloody tear stricken life.

Never given away.

Ever lone valentine rose.

-Jigha Everson

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