They called me two faced;

That’s not the issue.

Duality’s the maze,

I fall in; get chained to.

Minds always in a race,

With the me of yesterday.

I feel crazed, in a haze;

Stuck between insane,

And the bipolar mundane.


So many polarities,

More vast than the ocean.

No wonder in coastin’;

I’m a car rolling with,

That gas light glowin’.

If I can’t break this

back and forth trip,

I’ll turn into a ghost

And; then what?

Will I be more open?

More like open to the


On display, with no face

Just a name.

With no chance to put

Up a front. Or a fight;

I’m just ready to be done,

With both the lows, and

The highs. Always ready,

To cry. Not so much die;


Just wanna fly, the thought

Of tomorrow has me

Caught like them headlines.

Breaking news, break the noose;

Dont let the dual emotions

Control the rules.

Or I’ll lose, what’s most

Precious to me.

Gotta choose, to live life;

Freely and break outta,

These old; black and white


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