Millionaire lifestyle.
I bet it’s nice to eat from silver.
I bet you don’t really mind it.
Doubtful you can seriously sympathize.
Never have you survived what the weak have managed.
I wonder how easy it was to take care of your needs.
No worries and no aches from being malnourished.
Left to decay from your psychotic parents.
Growing from this deformed position.
The system making you say fuck it –
Fuck up and mess your life up,
you can’t fix it nor bother.
Never had the negative variable.
I don’t even have to go to the bottom.
To talk about how 50% living is not anywhere close to you.
I’m not even average so you can stick it and shove it in your asshole.
Baby boomers the current future was made by you and your confusion;
Lay down, roll over, and bark your pathetic.
Being blinded by your leaders.
Don’t you see the cycle.
You don’t seem to know how things can affect one.
To live so close to the top – so close you can even feel it.
It’s around every corner, on the street driving by to their destinations.
Just what that does to a mind in the society we live in.
It’s a double whammy and it influences some to go to extremes.
Fuck your money and your life I’ll take it if I have too.
I’d rather be close to zero so I could die early and it make sense to you.
Because some end their life and no one understands it.
I think were all dumb and cant accept it.
I have many faces but today I show this one.
I am not like you I’m willing to bet on it.
Lower class,
Still alive and above the poorer.
Fuck it,
Sometimes I think we need to end us all.
Were just parasites.
Ride on train – without our footprint.

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