“I’m sleeping,…wake up?”

I’m out of control on the road to hell and with no control.
I spit and scream blazing eyes golden green.
Say I’ll leave you again!
I’ll fucking be your end what a work of art your tears will look on painted eyes of beauty innocent rage.
Oh, I’m so sleepy I doze away unto dreams realm I flower into forth of passions days.
I’m out the window plain insane I was the end of it.
I was lost to the worlds warm glow.
Like a fake lie of light given to the foolish lazy.
Far away I slice my veins blood lusted end of days.
Silently saying..
Just another day…
I’m so sorry…
Tear splatter the page…
I linger on the note of shame..
I spin the table I have so quickly entering the party days of crying nights and clouds sounds of drinking foolish words I prey on the worlds lusty bottle of amber glaze.
I grow old look so much to the sea.
Never found the eyes to match the blue sea.
So I look on waiting for my maiden to be..
Sailor, sailor set to sea.
-Jigha Everson

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