You still cross

My mind; now opened.

My eyes a bit Unfocused.

Through the Emotions.

I still hold You close.

In my mind.

A few blows To the head.

Had me lost in time.

Then I realized.

I am not loved.

I am the lonely One.

I want for you;

The sky, the sun,

Moon and stars.

No more hurt,

No more scars.

Forget me now.

If it will bring

You joy.

In those nights

Despite what I


You brought me more

Joy than I had known

Showed me myself

In the mirror I



Even apart,

You held on

To my heart.

Thank you.

For saving me.

Foolish girl,

Who was only

A memory.

A breath away

From death

And a life

Full of misery.

And lies.

No matter

What we

Never change.

From those foolish kids

With the same names.

Yet now I stand alone

Ready to fight for

Another tomorrow.

Not for you, or me,

But My baby boy

Who deserves and

Needs to be shown.

How to grow.

If you think I’ll forget,

Not a chance.

You’re my soul,

My mirror.

My Twin.

Just in a completely

Different sense.

11:11, is something

I’ll never let slip.

Now wont you go,

Be happy.

You deserve,


I could not


To be able

to open up

And let you


Just dont


That appearances

Are everything.

I did, and lost

What was most

important to me.

But now, I take

Back my life, you see.


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