I write to you, in one of the many ways I can. So let me tell you this story of a not so far away land. A parallel life existence, where everything’s switched and different. Not like “Alice” though cause this shit ain’t fiction.
But before I get too far off track I had to mention; the clarification of this non-fictionally made up extension. Of my mind’s eye interpretation of this life I’m livin’. Is mixed with a semi distorted twisted up vision. Or I should rather say perception; or reality as a whole genre, so read with discretion. Now that we are past the disclaimer’s warning of graphic context, let’s get down to the main point of this message.
I love the life I’m livin’, I’m livin’ the life I love. Even when its missin’ everything I need or want. I was given a gift worth while, a light in my darkest times. The few who stand beside me, setting the distance between us aside. And for the ones who walk along side me, I try to shed a light to help guide them through this life’s tough times.
Though my message is mixed, and most think its negatively aligned. My heart still pours out love even through my accused crimes. So, I know I’m not so innocent; nor claimed to be ‘always right’. And now I refuse to hide, the real reasons for what you call lies. But my behavior has a method; in madness, it’s there you can find. The reason I’m still kickin’, the ‘tick’ behind my brown eyes. The spark; that gives me a drive, to survive and stay alive.
It’s the star that still has me wishin’, the Dream that will never die. To change this world with a vision; with the words locked away inside. To tell the life story worth living. Even with the darkest design. And free my self from this mental prison. Unleash the beast, with wings the color of that midnight sky. Let my heart soar, and quit being afraid to fly. To reach my goals; and accomplish my dream, before time passes me by. Before I am forced to repeat another cycle of this kind of life.

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