Well here we go,

promise I’m

not too drunk to flow.

Seems to help though.

As i’m not sure why

I’m rhyming yo.

How do I tell you I was confused,

abused, and delusional.

How do I explain my brain

ain’t quite the same. I’m a bit more

deranged than I claim, but crazy’s

always been my other name.

How do I tell you I love you,

with everything those words

mean and more. Without

being a fool and selfishly

ruining your

chances of happiness.

While I sit here crying

From the floor.

Or drinking to tolerate

My emotional state.

How could I explain

all of this. With just a kiss.

I doubt you can stand

the sight of me, want to

hear me speak. Anything.

And I don’t blame you.

For I didn’t explain. But

I never once lied about

it being YOU that I wanted.

If you would have asked,

I would have traded everything.

What I fronted, was not being

vulnerable enough to say it.

But I do care too quick

Fall hard and fucking fast.

All the way thru to the

Bedrock and crash.

But none of that changes shit.

I heard you speak,

But didnt listen.

To what game your heart

Was spittin’.

I wish you well, and if

You’re happy I’ll

End these feelings now.

But if you’re not. If

There is still doubt

In your heart.

Reach out.

I’m always around.

Stuck in this town.

Sitting wound up

And unbound.

Lost in my head.

Wanting one

More conversation.

To explain all this.

One last smoke

Then give you all,

Or nothing; force

Myself to call it quits.

Because I know I’ll

Never find another

Love like this.

Ignorance is bliss,

Til it all hits.

Usually all at once.

You wanted a ride or die

But never gave me the

Gun. Sorry for the pun.

But I guess this rant

Is done. On deaf ears

its sung.

Fuck drunk rhyming

Is all emotion and

No fun.

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