Eyes wide open

I stare,

Tho sleep

Has me snared.

In a warzone

Of fear.


Live here.


Amplified versions

Of reality swear,

I’m awake, I’m awake.

But it’s too late.

I’m caught in

That fearscape.

Once again,


Sweet lullabies

Turn to screams

And silent cries.

Its here true fear

Lies. Awake unable to

Hide in the recesses

Of my mind.

Where peace and

And tranquility once


It’s to late to change,

These dreams run



The fan blade


As reality begins

To twist yet again.

Fear tries its

Damndest to win.

Every night, trapped

In this sickening

Reality blend.


In moments I wake,

Cold sweat makes me


Is it the fear, or the fact

I know I’m now awake.

Mind constantly on

A tangent, for Christ’s


What will it take.?

To gain back control

of my oblivion Escape.

Where possibility and reason

Have no place.

In the dreamscape

Of the infinite realities.

I’m unable to make;


Feeling that it’s already to

Late. I’m fallin’;

As I drift again.

Another seeming sleepless

Night in the making.

As my mind begins fading,

Into the darkness its


Oh nightmares will you

Ever cease the raging?


I’ve suffered them

For years,

Lucid dreams

Of all my fears.

To the point

There arent even


When I wake in

cold sweat

My minds

Crystal clear.

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