Cavern Cracks

my insides are breaking thanks to mistakes I’ve been making.
I’m not complaining, im happy I’m draining.
all the toxin that I thought was medicine, drinking it in,
expecting benefit, has finally been revealed,
as a time waster and sickness I can feel.
Love burned hot enough to melt steel,
now I’m ice cold and just starting to heal.
The pain in my chest sprouting from seeds in my head,
spread throughout my garden. Now I’m pulling weeds forgetting how I got them.
in my blindness I had forsaken kindness,
emotion followed quick.
Any guilt I felt I sent away with a flick,
but it came back around like a boomerang bound to bash my skull.
Karma is kind,
for this pain is helping me erase my old mind.
Clear sight after the fact is how most things go
no matter how we think we would act.

The cave with no entrance, suddenly saw a crack of light,
a wound in the crust,
A hole in the solid walls,
safety started to disappear,
as all was made clear.
Vision granted,
perspective now slanted.
Just like the planet
Spinning on a tilted axis.
Allowing for constant expansion.
Everything is perfect,
because it’s all worth it.
Open ears and open mind,
growing all the time.
Need sun
Need rain,
need laughter
Need pain.
The balance is what the earth maintains
We are working in her image,
A lost piece we are trying to regain.

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