Cleaned out My Car

I cleaned my car out today.
it felt a little funny,
almost like stepping out of detox therapy.
When I was inside the rugs were littered with debris,
conglomerating into a garbage sea.
from long voyages across bridges,
akin to journeys through the mind.
Never finding time to sort through, what came to.
Each piece another memory,
now going in the black abyss of a dumpster.
With no direction the infection stacked into a giant monster.
No destination in mind
so I filled up with all the ideas I could find,
half weren’t even mine.
Even atomic slime made a home in my personal universe.
l didn’t want to know where to go. So I took everything anyone showed…
I cleaned out my car today.
The weight of each stain on the floor,
sinking into the fabric,
like an oil spill, polluting.
And every stain being scrubbed away by a plastic brush,
as it melts away from space I see it replaced in my brain.
There it was, the final feather that snapped me back into place.
Looking in the passenger seat and not seeing your face..
Wiping off the dash delicately with wads of towels.
Who woulda thought tears were so cleansing.
Keep breathing as the slate is wiped clean,
as I restore the shine and the sheen.
How many miles did his half the yin yang travel?
Why did it forfeit the battle?
Guess it doesn’t matter…
a piece of Kandi still remains, hanging from the rearview
that’s where it stays.
Anytime I need to look back,
there it is…
my fondest memory and a dream of what we could have been.
I see you always.
I cleaned out my car today.

But I’m still crying over you.

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