Can everyone,
Hear me out there??
Can you; Can you,
Hear me out where,
Nobody listens,
Nobody cares to share,
Feelings of love,
Truth, & despair.
If experience is wealth,
Then I’m a millionaire.
Be here or be square,
Wake your mind up,
Or keep;
Dreaming nightmares.
After all that’s,
Your punishment to bare.

Adjust the audio,
Catch the frequency.
Take a second,
To disengage the,
Minor delinquency.
I think we can,
Solve this issue,
This is my way,
Of giving the world,
A piece of me,
But good things,
Never quite come,
So easily.
Instead we’d rather,
Live greedily,
In the truth of secrecy.
Over feasting ourselves
Into obesity.
Once like I did until,
I found that,
The beast was me.
Doing dirt illegally,
My indecency,
Was unspeakably,
Deceitful; So please,
Listen up people,
Cause every soul,
Is equal;
Accept the spirit,
Or let the devil,
Keep hold.
Raise your appraisal,
Or let yourself,
Be resold;
Don’t get left in,
The freezing cold.
Live bold;
Destroy the mold,
Of feelings,
Shared & told,
But never felt.
Some let;
The spoon melt,
To erase what’s dealt,
But not me;
The bigger picture,
Is all I see,
What I watched,
And all I be.
With these,
That I bleed,
I pour em’,
Like mead.
If you want change,
Then plant the seed.
Living with honesty,
Is my decree,
To kill my “wants”,
And focus on my needs.
It’s not about the best,
It’s about the deeds.

Every dimension;
Is just an extension of the soul,
Whether or not it’s conventional.
The truth of the universe,
Burns within us like charcoal.
The law of energy is,
That energy can never die,
But it can still be stole.
These external forces,
Are what keeps us,
From remaining whole.
You only got one shot,
Better take it; Even if,
It’s from the grassy knolls.
Some food for thought,
Life is like fine dining,
Can’t call it cuisine,
Just because you threw it,
In a fine china bowl.
Love & positivity,
Now that’s the goal.
Reminiscing on memories,
From the camera roll,
But I needed more,
So I grabbed the fishing pole,
And dropped my bait into the hole.
Hook, line, & sinker,
This one’s a thinker.
Trying to reel in the real,
As I tinker; With the strings,
Controlling my fingers.
Switched lanes, without my blinker.
I don’t need your permission,
For I am the speaker,
Of my own auditorium,
So take your seats in the bleachers.
Give you a chemistry lesson,
As I mix ideas into this beaker,
To pour up a solution,
And give it to the weaker.
Bring light to the lives that,
Appear bleaker.
Using words as bullets,
Like a machine gun preacher,
To penetrate lost minds,
In need of a teacher.
Destruction on impact,
These words are heat seekers,
Aiming at;
Maniacs & tweakers,
With peepers,
Much larger than,
Jeepers Creepers,
Blindsided by their,
Drug induced fevers.
Only took 2 steps,
And claimed that it,
Made their feet hurt.
If you wanna keep up,
Then you better,
Re-lace your sneakers,
If you want more out of life,
Then you gotta dig deeper,
Just a little wisdom,
For all you beautiful creatures.
Most of the population,
Is too busy chasin’,
Sex, power, & material things,
To provide cooperation.
The world is yours for the takin’,
All it takes is a little innovation.
If you wanna get high,
Then get high off inspiration.
The outcome of fate,
Depends on your navigation.
Welcome to real life,
Step out of the simulation.


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