I’mma drop these bars,
Til’ I go insane___
I’mma dig my scars,
Give y’all;
My self inflicted pains___
What this shit means to me…
Is like black tar in my veins___
If I’mma kill myself for y’all,
Then I’mma go out with,
A bang, bang, bang.

Grandfather time,
Is rocking his chair.
Days die out &,
So does my hair.
My heart takes a tear,
My dreams take a scare.
Brain’s burning like a flare,
So tonight;
I’m slightly impaired.
I just do not care,
They wanna tell me,
What’s fair;
But I do not wanna share.
Can I not be alone?
Can y’all quit,
Ringing up my phone?
If I wanted to socialize,
Then I’d leave my home.
I got too much on my dome,
Right now…
I’m lost in the styrofoam,
Right now…
I’m up in my zone,
Right now…
I’d come back down,
I don’t remember how.

What entices those ears?
Whatcha wanna hear?
That I can;
Crush a case of beer?
That I can;
Say “fuck you” to fear?
That I can;
Be intoxicated & steer,
Clear; Of a death,
Experience so near?
Perhaps I’m a pioneer,
Or maybe;
That’s just sheer luck,
I know my true peers,
Don’t even give a fuck.
I be that sitting duck,
Gears set on stuck,
Black belt;
With the nunchucks,
Bout to show y’all wassup.
A quick taste of my,
Martial arts;
Dropping poetry for those,
Partial hearts,
Who wanna sew the stitch,
Of their shattered shards,
Who wanna heal the wounds,
From those wired barbs,
Deep in flesh;
Tryna’ work their way,
Outta society’s mesh.
Lungs too suffocated in smoke,
To get a breath of air so fresh.
Patience pulled & stretched,
And spread soo thin.
Sometimes the end is,
The only place to begin.
Sometimes innocence,
Flourishes from sin.
Sometimes demons let,
Themselves in,
Swimming under the skin.
You gotta lose before you win.
You gotta go a little insane,
To know what sane is.
You gotta bleed to know,
Exactly what pain is.
I’m not insane…
That’s my character.
I’m just role playing,
In this game of America.
I’m not insane…
That’s my character.
I’m just role playing,
In this game of America.

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