Damn; Why y’all,
Gotta make me,
Feel this way?
Is there someone,
I can trust; No?
Guess it’s just,
Me, Myself, & I,
I’ll change my mind,
When someone,
Finally keeps a promise,
And decides to stay.
Save your quarters,
For the arcade,
Cause’ I ain’t tryin’,
To play; No way.

Such a lost art.
Seems the world,
Has lost heart.
In this together,
We’re so apart.
In need of something,
To give this soul a spark.
In my car I sit & park,
Until the sun goes dark.
With the radio off.
Out comes smoke,
I proceed to cough.
You think my emotions,
Make me soft?
Well you can fuck off.
What point;
You even tryna’ get to?
And did I even ask you?
And are you tellin’ what’s true?
And why’d this come,
Out the blue?
I got some questions,
You should answer a few.
Why is it that you,
Got so many issues,
With me?
Why do you hate,
Watching me be free?
Why do you wish to see,
Me imprisoned without key?
Slit my skin;
Just to make me bleed,
Sever my roots,
And snatch my seed.
Madder than the hatter,
With a head to feed,
You love to create issues,
But don’t even read?
Junkies for the speed,
Never for the good deed.
I’ve got an example,
To lead.
All you do is want,
Whatcha’ need?
Wanna live with greed,
Til you meet,
That assassin’s creed.
Trust me;
This world will,
Attempt to assassinate,
All your beliefs,
But I’ll never succumb,
To these cheats.
Good grief,
I don’t got time for,
These thieves.
Don’t mind me,
I’ll be changing like,
That autumn leaf.

Got this;
Box of tissues,
To unbox these issues.
My trust; My love,
Gets misused.
My patience that lit fuse,
With a dancing flame,
Multi-colored hues.
I’d like nothing more,
Than to amuse,
But I have no muse,
To choose from.
People go & come,
The damage still done.
My peace; When they go,
They always gotta take some.
Watch for the come back,
Do you think I’m,
That dumb?
I deserve to feel,
More than chum,
Worthless scum.
I am not among,
The ones;
To fuck around.
I’m one trust,
Issue away,
From putting,
Mother fuckers,

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