You know… You know;
My cup is filled to the brim.
I dive deep within & take a swim,
Punch drunk off a whim.
In order to purchase happiness,
I must exchange a limb,
I mean;
What’s a little trim, right?
I was feeling a little grim, tonight.
But now I’m singin’ hymn’s,
Bringin’ me a step closer to the light.
My drink may be clear,
This ain’t water nor sprite,
That I’m spillin’ for this firefight,
But everything gonna be all ‘aight.

Time waits for no man.
Life sucks;
When you got no plan.
Trust in God,
And you’ll never need,
To understand,
You just gotta play along,
Like the band;
With instrument in hand.
Memories are trickling sand,
How many years passed by?
Well I’ll be damned,
These thoughts got me fucked up.
Looking for my reflection,
In a styrofoam cup.
I can get down,
Never tell you what’s up.
Poor ass mother fucker,
Who’s always,
Down on his luck,
As he proceeds,
To pass blunts like,
Hockey pucks.
Tires slinging mud,
Still spinning & stuck.
Brain runs amuck,
Caught in a dead stare,
Like a taxidermy buck,
On the wall.
At this point in life,
I’m feelin’ like,
Fuck em’ all,
I’mma stay faded.
Attention dissipated,
Pupils dilated;
Consciousness decapitated,
Reality’s been animated,
Whacked out & recalibrated,
Turn up the tunes and,
Get Californicated.
Wasted; Copied & Pasted,
Thanksgiving turkey basted,
Full of liquid confidence,
Who could give a fuck about,
A consequence?

I got the beat in my heart,
I got lyrics in my head.
A whole collective of words,
That I have never said,
But; Tell me,
Do you feel the love that I bled?
Who is better, me on or off meds?
I’m different pieces of the same puzzle,
Vicious Rottweiler,
That broke his way out the muzzle.
Spit flames when the gas guzzle,
My extra personality equals,
Double the trouble.
I crumble reality into pure,
Ashes & rubble.
Stumbling around the room,
Shrooms in the tomb,
My mood swings never subtle.
I wanna feel alright tonight,
That’s my only rebuttal.
Going past the moon tonight,
On the space shuttle.
All in this together now,
Like we inna huddle.
Tired of feeling like,
An ant in a puddle,
Drowning in the rain.
The water resembles,
Emotional pain.
A melodic aneurysm,
For this scatterbrain,
Numbing himself,
With liquid novacaine,
But at least my rhymes,
Be tight like Daddy Kane.
Materials can’t buy my soul,
Nahh; I don’t fuck with,
That Gucci, mane.

I’ve been lost in the sauce,
In the melody…
Tell me are you feelin’ me?
I’m tuned into,
The frequency; The energy.
People love;
To misuse my empathy,
My good heart,
May very well be, the end of me.
Is it possible that,
I’m my very own enemy?
No outcome yet but we’ll see.
Yeah we’ll see, but;
Til’ then I be lost in the melody.
Can you feel the melody?
Can you feel the melody?
Like a distant memory.
Ride the vibe back to 1970.
Still in search for,
That spiritual remedy.
Those soothing sounds,
Of a soul so heavenly.
Can you feel the melody?

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