I’m just one very,
Stressed out dude,
Who’s inna;
Endless feud with,
His many moodz.
Been this way,
For many moons.
You can feel them,
In my poetic tunes.
The light of my soul,
Entombed; Exposed,
In the darkness,
I’ve been consumed.
Breathing fumes,
In this;
Flame infested room,
Of impending doom.

Why must I,
Bare this cross?
Why must I,
Take this loss?
Alone; Wandering,
And feeling lost.
Skipped the toll cause’,
It ain’t worth the cost.
Maybe I’m just too cheap,
After all;
This valley is very steep,
And I’m just,
Tryin’ to earn my keep,
But I keep;
Burying myself deep.
By the shadows,
Where I weep,
And die;
Just to fall asleep.
I wish I was special,
But I’m just a creep.
Swear Radiohead,
Got the rhythm,
To my heart beat.
I got the whole world,
Under my feet,
But this defeat got me,
Feeling incomplete.
I wish me & destiny,
Would meet;
So that I can finally,
Take a seat,
Simmer down,
Life’s boiling heat.

Day to day,
My moodz differ.
Got liquor,
Swimming around,
In my liver.
Late at night I,
Become a sinner.
My fine line,
Of right & wrong,
Becomes thinner.
Feel experienced,
I’m still a beginner.
Part of me wants,
To be the winner,
The other side,
Is cold as winter.
At my center,
None shall enter,
All the exits blocked.
What a day to remember,
All my thoughts,
Dead locked,
Trapped inna black,
And white box.
Lost within paradox,
With the mouth,
To talk; But,
My broken legs,
Won’t walk.
My world’s at war,
As I get;
Shell shocked.
I wish to live long &,
Prosper like Spock,
But a glock;
To my dome makes,
It’s unwelcomed knock.
Sometimes these moodz,
Make me feel like,
My body’s been outlined,
In chalk.

Oh; wtf to do?
I’m split in two.
Of sunshine,
And blues.
A sad bomb,
Burning it’s fuse.
Searching this world,
For something to amuse.

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