Welcome thee,
To my world;
But wipe your feet.
I welcome thee,
To my world;
So take your seat.
You’re in for a treat,
I’m bout to sauce,
The heat;
I got my rhymes,
Complete; Guns on fleet,
They will not defeat.
This is how you kill verses,
Without the beat,
I’ve prepared the feast,
Now let’s eat.

Head on the ground,
Feet on the ceiling,
Ego peeling;
Itching for a feeling,
To escape what,
Life be dealing out.
Liars out here,
Cashing fake clout.
Do they really give a fuck?
Nahh; I doubt.
So I shout, shout,
Let it all out,
Shed tears for the fears,
That you’re;
Too afraid to even speak about.
So I merge lanes to stay on route,
These words are therapy like,
What steam is to a spout.
Should I spread love,
Or spill blood?
Haters make me laugh,
Like Paul Rudd.
(Seriously, he’s hilarious)
All I need is,
My paper & best buds,
I’m too cool,
For your hipster dance club.
I got the supply, I be the plug,
If you like poetry,
Then best believe I got drug.
Bring sunshine to your day,
Like hot coffee in a mug.
There’s still hope,
In the Atmosphere like Slug.
I save the dankest nug,
For when I want my feelings,
To get Dig Dug.
Mary Jane always gave,
The warmest hugs.

I’ve entered,
A new realm,
A different level.
A vivid vision,
In which I revel.
My home base,
My comfort place,
My alter ego,
My masked face
My shoelace,
Keeping me tied,
In knots;
Running towards,
My last shot.
I’ll bleed, I’ll cry;
I’ll bubble snot.
I’ll die; I’ll drown,
In the boiling pot,
Trying to cook up,
My successful plot.
This pursuit for passion,
All began;
With a beautiful thought,
That I could change the world,
With everything I know,
With everything I’ve ever,
Been taught;
From word to sentence,
Then end it;
With a single dot,
In the correct spo.t
With every broken bone,
I still fought;
Knew I could do it,
More & more;
Every time I was told,
That I cannot.
I don’t wanna be perfect,
I’m a human, not a robot.
You’re jealousy,
Is just a road block.
You can say a lot,
But we both know that,
It’s all talk.
I’m a conversation,
You’re just small talk.
Still crawling,
While tall is how I walk.
No imagination,
I’ve been scribbling since,
A kid with concrete chalk.
If I fail;
Then it’s back,
To the drawing board.
Then it’s back,
The the carving wheel,
To sharpen my sword,
Bestowed upon me,
By the one & only lord.
Devil still trying,
To own something,
That he can’t afford.
Here me now,
Like a guitar chord.
Driving towards,
My dream;
With the gas floored.
Trying to out run,
The rest of the hoard.
Comes with reward.
Coasting now,
Because the world,
Will catch fire,
When I release my,
Energy stored.
Ain’t trying,
To be adored.
Just trying to accomplish,
What I set myself out for.
You want real?
I’ll give you more,
Because I’m not what,
You expected,
I got the hammer of Thor.
These veins of ore,
Mining what’s mine,
Reaping benefits,
From the downpour.
You play keep up,
And I’m upping the score.
I open my mind naturally,
While you stick,
To the mushroom spore.
I found knowledge,
Within my core,
Without a mentor.
You knocked to get in,
But I hold the skeleton key,
To unlock every door.
Enough with this rhyme,
It’s becoming a bore.
I’ve scripted this noir,
With colors painted by,
My glories & gore,
Now I’m hungry for more,
Suited up;
I’m ready for war.
I welcome thee,
To my world,
My way; My true life.
But get in my way,
And; You’ll get cut like,
Cake inna a knife fight.
I roll that good,
And; Take flight,
Cherry blossoms,
When the Bic light.
I just wanna do good,
And live right,
Make the world shine bright.
While chilling in my zone,
Outta sight.

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