I can rip a rhyme,
From time to time,
After all;
This right here,
Is my paradigm.
Twist with lime,
Lunatic with,
A linguistic vibe.
On a quest with tribe,
If you like what I do,
Make sure y’all subscribe.
After all it’s my words,
That keep me alive.
Now sit back with me,
Enjoy the ride.
My rhymes be rich,
My lines will cure,
Your poetic itch.
Sew you up like,
A stitch;
To heal you,
Through times,
When life is a bitch.

Are there any rhymes,
That I haven’t yet written?
I was twice shy, once bitten.
Once smitten;
With a pretty little kitten,
She was a tight fittin’,
Til’ I found;
She was a venomous spittin’,
Roller coaster mental condition,
But it’s too late,
I already developed an addiction.
Rollin’ up that Walgreens,
Just to fill that sick prescription,
Just to feel something different.
Sucked out my soul,
And left me an apparition,
Of a man;
Who was once guided by a plan,
But time slipped my hand,
And now I’m drowning,
In a glass of pouring sand.
Right now;
I’m faded enough to be,
The entire rock band.
Well God damn,
Why must I;
Still wonder who I am?
Took the truth & I ran,
Like the seagulls, I flock.
I keep;
The lyrical store in stock,
I seal the deal like caulk.
I’m a writer because,
Really I just don’t like to talk.
I’mma runner,
I don’t got time to walk,
But somehow,
Y’all got time to gawk?
Livin’ a life outlined in chalk.
One day I dream to kill your aux,
But for now;
I guess I’ll just stick to,
Feedin’ y’all my thoughts,
Ripped & scripted,
From a realm outside,
This very paradox,
That we call life on,
This floating rock.
The clocks laughin’,
In your face as,
Your time tick tock.

Am I trippin’??
My brain be flippin’,
Blunts in codeine,
Be dippin’;
Takin’ shots like,
Scotty Pippen.
Another notepad,
Takes a rippin’,
Flames ignite when,
The pencil grippin’,
My moodz be drippin’,
That’s when,
My cup be sippin’.
Or maybe this just the life,
That I’ve been conditioned,
To the same rendition,
No transition; Only tradition,
Hypocritical standards of,
A modern day Christian.
Most of us can’t even admit,
To our admissions,
Eventually you gotta get,
Your tickets at the front gate.
You’ve got a beautiful life,
That you refuse to appreciate.
Why the hate?
That don’t lead to great.
That just traps your mind,
Inna crate;
Even if you can’t dedicate,
At least participate.
Evolution is one of our,
Most impressive traits,
It’s when we come together,
To make the world better,
That’s how we make an impact,
The choice awaits.
Would you rather accept,
Your destined fate,
Or break the box,
And let one create itself?
Always remember that,
I’m here to help. 💜

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