Spacing out;
The window of this car,
With my concentration afar,
Fixated beyond the stars.
Think my soul’s in tune,
Tonight; With the planet Mars.
Stereo vibin’ rhythm & bars,
Ripping into my scars,
I’m just trying to configure,
Exactly; Who we truly are.
Where am I goin’?
I’ll never know.
Asking too many questions,
Under the starshine glow.
My world shook up like,
A globe of snow.
Passively carried away,
With the flow.
Dragged from sand,
To abyss;
By the grips of this,
Disastrous undertow.
I get to feelin’,
Some type of way in,
The summer breeze blow,
Like it’s all just a show,
Oh no; I don’t think we’ll know,
Where we’re meant to go.

What is time inna,
Forever expanding universe?
Why do we believe time,
Patches up the hurt?
Is it true that things get better,
After they get worse,
Or perhaps we’re just cursed?
It’s easy to picture things,
Harder when you ain’t nursed,
By momma since birth,
Suckling for purpose & worth,
Like you ain’t got a reason,
To be on this Earth.
You don’t utilize your utensils,
You don’t know your true potential,
Crisis always existential,
Cause’ you choose not to fix the,
Problems that are environmental.
These the issues weighing heavily,
On your mental;
Neglecting what’s consequential,
Even in those evidental cases.
Shifting contemporary faces,
Wandering off to different places,
Searching our ancestrial traces,
For our long lost, forgotten graces.
We’re alive but this ain’t homeostasis,
It’s not worth it,
If it’s not partially dangerous.
Just one chance is that,
Make or break famous, shameless.
I don’t know…
Just some thoughts.
I just wanna make it,
Out the box.
I get tired of this,
F__kin paradox,
Keeping me from,
My building blocks.
The universe is speaking,
I gotta tune into this Ted Talk,
If I’m ever gonna walk the walk.

Oh look how,
The stars;
Shine so bright.
What an absolutely,
Beautiful night,
To shed this light.
My word is bond and,
I keep that tight.
The universe aligns,
When I use,
My mind’s might.
This evening is perfect,
I don’t just feel ‘aight.
I close my eyes,
And drift outta sight.
I close my eyes,
And drift outta sight,

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