Can you hear,
Me whisper,
Into your ears?
I come in the form,
Of your doubts,
Subconscious & peers.
Don’t you know,
I can relieve your tears?
Don’t you know,
I’ve been with you,
All these years?
Your decisions,
Keeping your vision,
I’ll keep you,
Nestled with fear.
Don’t mind if I,
Burrow myself here,
Right within your ears.
Cheers mate!

My vices grip me,
Well… vice grips.
I can’t let myself slip.
But I just love when,
Bottle rims & joint tips,
Kiss upon my lips.
Often times my mind’s,
On the fritz.
I’m just afraid that,
No one else gets,
Exactly why,
These veins slit.
Exactly why,
My thoughts trip.
Friendly fire,
Shot from the hip.
Mmm… Delish.
I’ll just tap the bottle,
Let my veins drip,
From a saline bag,
And let my blood,
Take the sips,
Til my lips,
Turn as blue as,
The crips.
Sailing a wrecked ship,
Into the oceans dead drift,
As lightning strikes the water,
Thank God Zues missed,
Poseiden gave those waves,
A lift.
The kraken awaits deep,
Into the abyss,
Itchin’ to use his death grips.
Good thing I already had,
A death wish.
I crash down &,
Get buried beneath,
The water with,
The rest of the dead fish.
I hear a voice calling,
It gives me a suspicion,
What is this apparition?
I’m chained to the chair,
Forced to sit & listen,
Tempted to chase,
Every shiny;
Thing that glisten.
Fillin’ my void cause’,
I feel somethings,
The ideal conception,
Of the void is,
It’s own type of prison.
My existential pain,
Is what keep me kissin’,
These dreams goodbye.
I wipe away the tears,
From my third eye,
So that I;
May see the lies,
Under the veil,
Hidden in disguise.

Ears tuned,
Thoughts ballooned,
Under the cresent moon.
Trouble draws past noon,
The hunger consumed.
I dream of cartoons,
From the tomb.
Drums ruptured from,
The sonic boom.
My mind never stops running,
Even though;
It’s running out of room.

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