Let us have,
A moment of silence.
May we chill,
Tone down the violence?
Do you think,
We will find peace,
Within defiance?
Probably not, so;
Let us have,
A moment of silence,
Blow my ashes,
Across remote islands.

My days are numbered…
My end is near…
My days are numbered…
Or so I fear…
But no; I don’t fear,
No; not at all.
Life can hack my limbs,
I’mma still crawl,
Even when,
The seasons fall,
And scorch heat,
Best believe,
I’mma bloom tree’s.
When I go;
Scatter my ashes,
In the breeze,
Cause’ a casket is,
Just a waste of money.
These situations,
That be sticky like honey,
Got me feelin’ funny.
Ambition got me,
Energized like a bunny,
In a garden of sound,
Cause’ my soul a bit grungy.
Had to hit Bikini Bottom,
And get spongey,
Absorb the bull shit,
That plunge me,
To live like Philly,
Every day sunny.
I’m tired of,
Feeling crummy,
While others get to taste,
The finer things.
Must be;
So delicious & yummy.
Crash test dummy,
Using anything to numb me.
Shit; That was the dumb me,
Sure that was the fun me,
Deep down hid a depression,
That I let none see.
Ego cracked like Humpty Dumpty,
I’m honestly not sure if,
I can write a poem that’s pun free.
I’m just a dirty soul that’s,
Trying to come clean.
On my knee’s in the dark,
Praying for the bright, the sun bring;
Aged heart with the mind of a youngling,
I think I’m on the verge of something.
I guess we’ll see, huh?

Funeral bells,
Of vicious hells.
Blood stains,
Padded cells.
Lightfoot treading,
Eggshell’s so well.
Such a swell spellcaster,
Untapped powers,
In search of a master.
Machine gun blaster,
If I shoot from the hip,
I can pop a clip faster.
Romantic bastard,
Some may call me,
A swirling natural disaster.
I don’t go to church no more,
I almost got drowned,
In holy water by the pastor.
I skipped death,
I feel blessed,
Inspired to give,
The world my best.
I know all this stress,
Is just a test.
I know all this mess,
Will one day be addressed.
I swear to avenge my family crest,
Light the torch & embark the quest.
3 little birds fly out the nest,
Fresh from a dark night’s rest,
Bob Marley said:
Don’t worry bout a thing,
Cause’; Every little things,
Gonna be alright,
So; I do not fear what’s next.
I take my final breath,
Shout with my chest,
(Bring it on!)
Don’t cry;
At my funeral,
Even death is,
Don’t cry;
At my funeral,
Even death is,
Grim Reap says,
The end;
Is irrefutable.
Well I say the end,
Is the beginning,
So to me that’s suitable.

Lemme’ clarify.
When I speak of death,
I’m speaking of,
The death of my former self.
I don’t wish to be that,
Sad, selfishly numb kid anymore.
I want to be new, reborn;
Into the man I was meant to be.
Death will bring me a new life,
A better life.

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