– (Queen Of Hearts)
What’s the reason,
For your treason?
Off with his head!

— (Mad Hatter)
Its too late;
I’ve already lost it,
My dear.
There is nothing left here,
That I am able to fear.
I’m as mad as they come.
This broken heart of mine,
Is far beyond numb.
If you’re looking for a heart,
This is the wrong someone.
Once the damage has begun,
It cannot be undone.
If you’re waging a war,
Pick one;
That can be won.
I’ve traveled through many realms,
To reach this place called wonderland.
Where time does not matter,
To those who don’t understand.
Such a mind bending world,
Closed minds are forced to expand.
Off with my head you say?
That is a departure,
That I cannot disband.
But if it were in my possession,
I’d gladly;
Let you take its burden,
Off of my hands.
Sadly though,
I am unaware of its location.
It & I;
Have undergone a separation.
Too many times,
I’ve tried;
To rid the pain,
That resides inside,
The contents of my mind,
The empty spaces of my brain.
All options have failed,
I’ve tried;
Different forms of meditation.
But none of it works,
It appears;
That I have been cursed.
It’s an unsolvable problem,
According to my calculations.
My sanity has thus begun,
It’s transformation.

— (Queen Of Hearts)
Enough with the games,
I haven’t got the time to spare.
Nor the patience to care.
Back to the castle you go,
In which you will be imprisoned there.
You think you know pain?
Well you are about to meet despair.
Time awaits your fate,
I will have,
Your head & your heart,
This will be;
A fate worse than death,
One you cannot bare.
Cherish life while you can.
Time is of the essence,
For you now;
As I begin to prepare.

— (Mad Hatter)
What a laugh.
You truly are,
A glorified bitch;
With a crown & a staff.
You’re nothing more,
Than a pinch & a half;
Using your darkened past,
As a reason to inflict wrath.
You are the saddest of them all,
If I do say.
Do with me as you may,
But your destiny will not change.
Dark days;
Will be the only thing,
To come your way.
I assume you steal hearts;
Because of a remembered love,
That decided not to stay.
Now the heart in your chest,
Has turned to decay,
As your pathetic life wastes away.
Many kingdoms,
You shall conquer.
But one thing you cannot,
Is your own heartbreak.
And because of that;
You will always suffer,
And to me;
That’s a most terrifying fate.
As many hearts as you want,
But my dear;
You cannot escape.
Kill me a year from now,
Or kill me today.
It does not matter,
Because I gain;
Satisfaction in knowing,
A happy ending for you,
Is much too late.

— (Queen Of Hearts)
How dare you address me,
In such a way of disrespect.
I will obtain the items,
In which I wish to collect.
But you shall suffer worse,
For the words;
In which you have conversed.
I’ll spare you for now,
As I banish you;
Into a life of insanity.
An eternity of misery;
In which you are cursed.
Escort Mr. Mad Hatter,
The castles chamber,
For some time to reflect.
Keep him hidden away,
Is a vicious form of neglect.
No one could,
Withstand such loneliness.
I won’t even have to kill you,
You’ll take your own life,
With a noose;
Tightly wrapped around your neck.
I can see it all now,
Oh my;
Such a lovely thought indeed.
If mad is what you wish to be,
Then it is madness,
Which will succeed.
A mind that hungers for insanity,
Is a head that I am willing to feed.

— (Mad Hatter)
What is time?
What is time?
In this mind of mine?
Freedom past,
These prison bars.
But my sentence,
Has been underlined.
A chance for life;
Permanently declined.
Who do you think you are?
What right do you have;
To keep me here?
Answer me my dear.
Is that you,
Standing over there?
Must just be my fear.
It only takes a couple of days,
To make it feel like;
It’s already been a few years.
And maybe it has.
Maybe my mind;
Is just so far gone.
All that’s left is my body & soul.
Shouldn’t be to long,
Before the rest of me;
Just disappears.
My end is fated;
It has never been so clear.
Dying inside;
But I cannot force a tear.
No emotion left;
Towards insanity,
Is the direction that I veer.
In collision with my thoughts,
This is an automobile,
That I don’t know how to steer.
I stab the head of a spear,
Right through my chest.
But she hexed my soul,
From freedom of death.
I couldn’t die;
Even if I wanted too,
The realization;
That I come too,
As I persist to hold my breath.
With no mind;
Or ability to die,
What am I supposed to do?
No sanity;
Or bullet,
To put my head through.
Like a fly,
In a king sundew.
Just a sitting duck,
Bound & stuck;
You need an escape route,
When the demons;
Come to hunt you.
Because they want you.
Because they need you,
A plain glass soul;
To see through.
With no place to run,
And no space to move.
She keeps me here,
For her own benefit.
No matter;
How many times,
I slash my wrists.
Or give;
My throat a slit.
In my own personal hell,
I’ll never see the end of it.
Forever cursed;
To make her,
These fucking hats.
Leave my bones & flesh,
For the maggots & rats.

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