I feel myself,
Burning through,
My skin.
Seems my patience,
Is paper thin,
Ashes carried away,
With the wind.
Gasoline is quite,
A good representation,
Of sin; I allow the rage,
To ignite it once again,
Lord knows there’s been,
Much stronger men,
I’m not much to defend.
My internal flame,
Is my only friend,
Dangerous; Perhaps?
But sometimes,
I welcome the end.
After all; Burning out,
Is the latest trend.

Kicked while I’m down,
Head stomped to the ground.
I’ve misplaced my map,
Can someone explain this,
Hell that I’ve found?
I see a demon with a crown,
Lucy dancing in a red gown,
Roaring flames & screams,
Fill up the sound,
The gate beyond is blocked,
With growling blood hounds.
Literally; Hounds dripping,
With blood.
Feet sink deep,
In the mud.
I fall through the base,
And smack the floor,
With a thud.
At this moment,
I wake up,
Eyes look like,
I baked up.
The whole world,
Shakes up,
The whole Earth,
Quakes up,
As personalities,
Get faked up.
Women with lots,
Of make up,
Because their value,
Takes the pay cut,
Wanna say something,
Mouths stay shut.
My rage;
Wants me to say what,
I feel but;
The intuition,
Of my gut,
Says stay put,
For now.
But one day,
My inner demon,
Will find a way how,
To use my rage,
To make me bow.
I try my hardest,
Not to allow,
And my persistence,
So far has gotten,
The devil;
To raise a brow.
Guess I’m safe,
For now.
Guess we’ll,
Wait for now.

Plugged in like appliance,
With the alliance,
Of sex, anger, & violence,
Comes the science,
Of my defiance,
Followed by,
An unforgiving silence.
You see;
Deep beneath,
My armor,
Is a rising pressure,
That I in turn must harbor.
I use my art,
To channel my rage,
But everyday,
It just keeps getting harder,
And everyday,
We just keep growing farther,
From what’s realistic,
No answer is ever simplistic.
What we see as mystic,
Is often cryptic.
Tbh; I’d rather not,
Be another statistic,
Half of me;
Wants to destroy,
This society,
But the other half,
Doesn’t wanna risk it.
My mentality,
Crumbles like a biscuit,
When I wander into,
Thoughts this explicit.
How can I control,
When this feeling inside,
Feels like;
It’s consuming my soul?
Is it the greed,
That keeps crushing me,
Like coal?
Hoping the value,
Of my inner diamond,
Can shine;
To keep me whole?
Will I act out,
Or play the role?
Cause’ I don’t know,
If I can stop my rage,
Once it’s on the roll.

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