What’s that?
What’s that?
No seriously,
I wanna know,
What’s that?
Once upon a time,
I had one, but;
It never came back.
Can’t you see that,
My heart & soul,
Are both demolished?
Seems society thinks,
My attitude,
Should be polished.
So in turn;
I kept my defense,
Somewhat stonewallish.
It’s extremely hard,
To stay honest,
When this world ain’t,
The very thing that,
It promised to be.
I was quite astonished,
To see;
What hid beyond,
Was in fact, catastrophe.
Lucifer has his minions,
Constantly chasing after me.
He’s so dastardly,
Can you just,
Set this bastard free?
It’s these;
Wicked spells that,
Cast my reality.
It’s the darkness of,
My fear;
That fuels this fallacy.
I must take a breath,
Inhale the galaxy.
I count backwards,
Jump back in,
To normality or,
Whatever the hell,
That be;
I’ll just smile,
Until I can fake,
My way;
Back into fantasy,
Or just find sanity.

I’m on;
The other side,
Of the glass.
One foot,
In the future,
The other planted,
In the past.
None in the present,
Life moves quite fast,
It seems that,
I’ve received some bull💩,
That I never asked for.
Feels like I,
Blindly walked into,
This life & fell,
Through a trap door.
In the dark I prayed towards,
The heaven’s;
Begging for another,
Chance at galore.
God gave me a paintbrush,
Told me this was the art of war.
He said son;
I can tell you wanted more,
I just gave you,
The keys to the whole store.
I always thought,
Returning to happiness,
Was just a folklore,
But really;
I found that it just,
Hid away within my core.
The waves were so high,
I did not realize,
How close I was to shore.
I was too deep in sleep,
I’d snore;
Dreaming to be assured,
Instead of assuring myself.
All I had to do was,
Remove my pride & ask for help.
So here’s my first attempt,
At a smile, welp;
Here it goes.
I must re-learn to expose,
Those white & shiny teeth that,
I was too afraid to show.
I must journey the lengths that,
I was much too fearful to go.
Now watch;
As the radiance upon my skin,
Once again revisits to glow.
You can be happy,
Unless you try to be,
Happiness is something,
You’ll never again know.
So I say to you, please allow;
The positive energy to flow.
Take a smile,
Pass it on,
Appreciate the,
Good things,
You’ll miss em’,
When they gone.

Take a smile,
Pass it on,
Appreciate the,
Good things,
You’ll miss em’,
When they gone.

Take a smile,
Pass it on.
You thought,
It was lost,
Truth is that,
You had it all along,
You was just,
Wearing it wrong.

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