My head is spinning,
Like a vinyl record baby.
You say that I’m crazy,
I say that I’m just,
What God made me.
After all; My life,
Has been a bit hazey.
My days gettin’ lazy,
I’m on the highway,
To Hades;
Going ghost,
Like Swayze,
No one;
Can save me.
Stay away,
I’ve contracted,
The rabies.
Fighting an ocean,
Of emotion,
Like the Navy.
Life is like biscuits,
So I guess,
Everything is gravy.

Drop the needle,
With these feeble hands.
I’m just;
A self destructive man,
With imploding plans.
Mind on vacation,
With toes in the sand.
All these vibes,
Got my conscience,
Stuck in the trance.
I ignite the gasoline,
Watch the flames dance.
Portray my thoughts,
With an unbalanced stance.
I digress;
You made me,
Into a fuckin mess,
Where’s that touch,
You bless?
There’s a change,
In the breeze,
From the east,
I’m facing west.
My head is always,
No/Yes; No/Yes.
Sure; I guess.
These tiring eyes,
Don’t know rest.
I’ve got many things,
That I won’t confess,
I keep;
My moves like chess.
2 steps ahead,
2 more steps and,
You dead.
Shiny chrome,
Fires lead,
To paint the walls,
Bloody red.
Fuck what they said,
I won’t let it get,
To my head.
I ain’t afraid to,
Cut you off like,
Old dreads.
I be holding down,
The homestead.
I’m about;
To overcome the odds,
And beat the spread.
I’m coming together like,
Some newly weds.
It was this world,
That was crazy when,
I stopped my meds.
Got myself;
Some new skin,
The dead cells shed,
The old me fled.

Ooh yeah;
Put that record on,
You know;
That’s my favorite song.
Too lit; To do shit,
Oh man I’m soo gone.
Haunted author,
Attempting to rewrite,
All his wrongs.
I’ve got nowhere,
In this time & space,
That I belong.
I’m so far beyond,
The glowing neon,
Of rhyme & reason,
Anything else is treason.
I change my mind,
Like seasons,
Same old;
Bullshit I be on.
Freezing up,
I need that freon.
I never have anything,
To agree on,
No happy endings,
No once upon.
This ain’t;
No die & respawn.
A mentality like that,
Will get you folded,
Like a chair in the lawn.
Tryin’ to become king,
On the chess board,
Of dead pawns,
But you don’t just,
Make it out this easy,
This ain’t no bail bonds.
Gotta put your best,
To the test like scantron’s.

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