Fire in the heart.
Fire in the dark.
Fire with the spark.
Into the wild,
Unknown we embark.
On the hippy stamp.
Electric Vybe,
Like a fucking amp.
With the flames at,
My center camp.
My moods been,
Dull & damp.
I wanna,
Be the champ,
I’m still looking for,
That exit ramp.

Acre’s ablaze,
Watched in amaze.
This personification,
Is just a phase.
Got sunshades,
Block the craze.
I’ve been moving,
In mysterious ways.
Doing the fire dance,
For days.
Feed me oxygen,
Like Frito-Lays.
I’ll burn like,
Tortured souls,
Beyond the grave.

But sometimes,
The best lessons,
Are learned;
When burned within,
The wildfire.
But sometimes,
The best lessons,
Are learned;
When burned within,
The wildfire.
Fanning the flames,
Higher & higher,
Burning up your desire.
Sometimes; You gotta,
Burn to learn,
Come; Take a step,
Into the wildfire.

The flames,
Shall rise.
The games,
Shall prize,
The gift of,
Immortal life.
Under the knife,
For a final cut.
I’d rather lie here,
Keep my eyes shut.
I wonder though,
Could I;
Dream about what?
Could I;
Dream about how?
Lucid dream my way,
Back into the now.
Embers of the sky,
Clash upon the ground.
With silence,
I kill the sounds.
Sever myself,
From the temptations,
Of the world,
I am not bound,
The troubles,
I’ve found.
My turn to burn,
Another round,
The devil been,
Tryna’ hold me down.
Let the fire burn…
It’s time to wake up,
From the urn…
Let the fire burn…
Save me;
From everything,
I yearn…
Watch me burn…

I feel like,
A piece without a puzzle.
I feel like,
A dog trapped in a muzzle.
Good soul;
Drowning in the troubles,
Scrub; Scrub,
But no scrubbing bubbles,
Could ever cleanse me,
From the subtle,
Dispositions that I cuddle.
I don’t just lie in my bed,
That I’ve made.
I sleep soundly in my,
Sheets of suede.
Everytime I close my eyes,
My soul fades;
To a place no one could invade.
I’ve imprisoned myself,
Within a dreamscape.
Or maybe my twisted reality,
Is just shifting the shapes.
Living in hell,
Dreaming of superhero capes.
Unobtainable illusions,
My psychedelic mind would create.
But was it really out of reach?
Thought about this,
As I began to impeach,
The strings binding together,
My own beliefs.
I was dancing with the devil,
Searching for inner peace.
I was consuming,
Every negative feeling,
With hopes of release.
I know that seems,
A little contradicted.
To my vices,
I became a slave,
That was convicted.
Who could have predicted,
A beautiful soul,
That developed an addictive,
That became afflicted,
By his unrestricted,
Living care free,
Without constructive,
This lifestyle is too much,
I need retirement.
Not only for myself,
But because my energy,
Could become virulent.
Like a leach on society,
This depression & anxiety,
Has inspired me,
To beat the odds that,
Re-wired me.
My eyes opened wider,
The old me & new mentality,
Are separated by a divider.
Fears crawling upon me,
Like spiders.
My soul is trapped,
In the mind of a writer.
I’ll write until,
The darkness inside,
Becomes whiter.
Treading the beaten path,
Towards one that’s lighter.
I’ve faced evil,
God made me a fighter.
He set me free,
Sometimes I wish,
He would have held on,
Just a bit tighter.
But sometimes,
The best lessons,
Are learned;
When burned within,
The wildfire.

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