Dancing With The Devil

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic wasteland
Testing intestinal fortitude every day now
Questions of reality are in the distance
Caught up in our daily obstacles we are traversing
Find me in the resistance keeping forward momentum
I heard someone say I’m reckless
No I’m just living in the fast lane
No fear or depression
Strength can look pretty intimidating
Doing my own thing and I’m taller then I ever imagined
Reaching for the clouds I bet I look stupid
Doesn’t matter I’m in a different plane then you
Ready to jump and fall any moment
Ready to pick myself up and keep pushing
Follow me if you dare
I’m on a death march until the end of the Earth
I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t come
This is my groove and my time to run
You can love me from afar and not understand
That what you say is wrong about those like me it’s clear
The rain and darkness is where I excel
Dancing with the devil

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