Prowling at the peak of midnight

Looking for a song to sing tonight

Finding the words to repeat

To my own inner demon

Demon befriended

Demon I made up

I talk of my own life now

One without a reason

But now I’ve found something to reason

Reason against my own demons

Time will teach me

How to reconfigure my feelings

Disassociate and mix them

Label them with words I’m speaking

It’s like I’m 8 billion different people

But who am I to speak for existence

Just everything I believe in

Has me thinking I can make it

Back then I couldn’t comprehend them

My feelings and the words I chose to keep hidden

I suppose i just needed to see them

This part of me still breathing

This version still awakened

The line I’ve now chosen

I seek a battered path

To fill my time here

I know you can make it

I believe in your reasons

It doesnt matter what others see

I live inside and here I speak freely

Sing a song and believe it

The world you are creating

It’s up to you how you make it

Strength and dedication

No plan always works out perfect

Keep on keeping on

The fighter soul you are

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