Untitled, For…

I wonder, do you hate me?

Or the fact that The Connection;

the Love, cant quite be severed.

Masked, buried, hidden; maybe?

Dont worry; remember,

I’m just crazy. (NOT!)

Conscious just gets hazy.

Too much 3D programming

Running in the background.

And there’s the blue screen! Watch

It all crash; crumble.

The walls turn to smoke, dust,

And rubble.

We all fall; down, down, down.

Got lessons to learn, scars

To discern. Blood, sweat, and tears

Are both the price to be paid and

The cost for all the dreams we crave.

Now, why do You still pull away?

Pain’s in the perspective.

Consciously I do regret it.

You want “peace of mind”?

I’ll gladly give you a “Piece of mine.”

But I want the same, not just your

Time. Maybe one day our paths will

coenside. Til then Twin,

guess I’m just a Focal point

for your ego’s mind to despise;

Utilize, to numb the feelings you hide.

Here’s to you My Sweet Divine,

Forever cherished and claimed as Mine.

Soulmate’s beyond this comprehension of life.

Even if You hate Me.

With love,


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