Take the leap

On the edge I won’t act like nothing’s wrong.
I see it and don’t want to believe because life is freeing
believing is seeing.
the choice is to see
then make believe
don’t hurt others along the way of this life’s dream.
it happens so fast and I find myself laughing without a care in the world
hit restart on my jump start heart
while I juggle with joy love and playing the part.
karma seeks to pay me back and I’ll let her
so next time I won’t react.
I’m on track and not off tying off these mental knots and hanging the thoughts in their nooses.
wrapped up and rapped off.
might’ve lost but in the end it’s always a win,
just gotta stay focused on the happiness within.
might’ve sinned
might’ve binged
but I’m pulling back from the fringe.
dive into the unknown
what crazy territory…
that’s some therapy.
gotta follow along in the pursuit of all the actions that structure you.
must be true through and through,
I’ll switch perspectives sometime
and then I’ll see like you.
can’t make an inference on the intent
behind every circumstance.
so I take the chance and advance while the world teeters on its axis
boy this is madness,
ended up with love, you, and the pursuit of sadness.
can’t have this.
gotta weave some wicked magic,
reverse this backslip,
this backflip.
never even gonna let myself trip,
I was given the best
found the worst
what a turn of events so tragic. practicing the art of transformation
so I’m sitting
permitting my self to start forgetting.
memory has it’s use but lately it’s been hurting me,
preventing me from living
gotta leave that bad space
where I feel like I don’t deserve my face.
Pretty as it may be the playboy doesn’t need it when he treats people like play toys.
get played and know the reaction and ask again how did this happen.
leading on another in the throes of love like never before.
boy I’ll destroy you…

By saying I understand you.

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