Drown. (with Jesslee, Jeremiah, & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Drown me slowly…
I don’t wanna die…
Ooo, I’m so lonely…
I’m not sure why..?
Drown me slowly…
Drown me in your lies…
I said;
Drown me slowly…
Time will immortalize…
Don’t look at me,
With those eyes…
Don’t look at me,
With those eyes…
My love;
Has those hands,
Around my neck.
Held underwater,
Steals my final breath.
Air bubbles burst at,
The surface,
Well; No more misery,
For this emotional wreck,
I suppose I’m part of,
A few select men,
You chose;
To place on the dividend.
Took me to the furthest,
I could possibly bend.
Broken; Snapped in half,
You watched me drown,
You sat & laughed.
No decency,
To spare me the wrath,
The world I know,
Is just;
Smoke & floating ash.
My lungs asphyxiate,
What’s with all this weight,
On my back?
Knee’s trembling,
Spine’s about to crack.
Minds been cruisin’,
Off track;
I’m lost & that’s a fact.
I’m lost but fuck a map,
What’s a journey,
Without a little mishap?
Best believe,
I’ll rise above,
Best believe,
I’ll rise above,
My head’s,
Still underwater,
Best believe,
I’ll rise above.
…… (Jeremiah)
I can’t breathe
Down beneath the tears
The stains on your cheek
Will soon disappear
I can’t breathe
Below the crashing waves
That the love of my moon
Always made
Since things changed
I can’t breathe
Laying on the beach
Sand beneath my feet
Stars saying
We will never again meet.
I’m drowing in a heavy head
Every thought’s a drop
And they make me wish
I was dead.
Maybe then,
I could find sweet relief
I can’t breathe
With this sea salt in my lungs
All crystallized from
what we have said and done
A mistake made twice
Is character.
So I feel this heart dying
Like an unimportant
I can’t breathe
So obsessed with pain
So obsessed with guilt
So obsessed with shame
No one but myself to blame.
The water.
Swallows me whole
To let me know.
That I am coming back
To define a different role
The process takes time
She whispers quiet and slow
But remember, love will find you
When you forget it the most
This flood has cascaded
Into another
But recreated
In forgiveness and lessons
I can breath again.

— (Explicit)
In this watery grave,
Is buried a slave,
Who’s drowning in,
The series of waves,
That’s stiring the craze.
I know;
That I should,
Be changing my ways,
But this life feels like,
An endless maze.
Ashes from my past,
Could not phase.
Tell me;
Where’s the praise?
The hand to save?
Does anyone remain,
From the enclave?
Did it cave itself in?
Why must I bathe myself,
In such selfish sin?
Not to mention,
I did it all with a grin,
Patience so thin.
I’m just like my kin,
Maybe I’m born again,
In brand new skin,
Well then, let’s begin.
Let’s start somethin’,
That’ll never end.
The story;
That writes itself,
With no pen.
Face flat I’m drownin’.
Bout’ how I could’ve,
Allowed this.
You know that these,
Times get rough.
It’s these times that,
I must be tough.
Sadly I,
Have had enough.
Really there’s,
Just not;
Much left to discuss…

— (Jesslee)
Melodramatic waves crash over my being,
An ocean symphony I cant play in.
I am not a musician,
And each wave impacts my soul.
I’m being waterboarded to fit the mold,
Of society’s choke hold.
Violent waves beating against rocks,
Of resistance; Change?
Fuck yes… wait … fuck no…
Shake their fists & become part,
Of the least resistance?
Because I’m afraid of resisting?
Persistent little bitch,
“No” escaped my lips like,
A riptide washed the shore clean.
No- was validity,
Without any other words after it.
I’m drowning in the sea,
Of masculinity.
Chauvanist meet feminist.
Meet Olympic swimmer,
Through your bullshit.
Meet fierce. Meet war.
I can weather this storm,
Can you weather yours?

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