EMOshuns. (with Dustin & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Check yes Juliet,
Are you with me?
Well guess what,
Taking back Sunday,
Soul searching,
We’ll find ourselves,
Right now we’re headin’,
Down to sunset strip,
Tonight… &;
The kids aren’t alright,
With our offspring,
Low self-esteem.
Emo scene;
Teenage dream,
Waiting onna,
Ultralight beam,
To make it’s gleam.
There’s no time,
To wait;
You can’t escape,
This fate;
Falling in reverse,
Through countless,
We make.
So; Hate me today,
October’s blue,
August burns red,
Slipping my head into,
A slipknot of dread,
Choking on words that,
I should’ve never said.
A bullet for my valentine,
Benjamin’s broken,
Won’t you give me a sign?
Feelin’ like Korn cause’,
I’m thoughtless in my mind.
It’s all shoots & ladders,
Nothing else matters.
Living with such,
Destructive patterns,
These some;
Bars from Saturn.
Avenged Sevenfold,
Like Crossfade,
Never meant to be,
So cold…
Guess I’ll bury,
My bones;
In this house of gold,
The stone’s sour.
Losing light & life in,
These dying hours.
Tattoo’s of shattered,
Skulls & black flowers,
I feel like a fuckin’ coward.
Motionless in white,
Coma white;
Shining light down,
I’m burning bright,
Here’s to the night.
This is my party,
This is my knife,
Cut my life into pieces.
Cut my lip;
Chlorine is my weakness.
Forget to remember,
Yeah; That is my thesis.
Alone in my head is nothing,
But cruel violence…
Somebody stole my car radio,
Now I just sit in silence…
Good Charlotte,
It’s me;
Vs. the beast &,
The harlot.
My chemical,
Take my hand,
For a slow dance.
Death-cab for cutie,
Slipping away,
I fear you’re about,
To lose me…
I fear you’re about,
To lose me…
Sleeping beauty,
Sweet dreams are,
Made of these,
Some of them want,
To abuse me…
Go ahead, abuse me.

— (Dustin)
I do not need lanes,
I’m more off road & rough terrain,
As the dark paths winds,
I find myself at Hawthorne Heights.
They say Ohio Is For Lovers,
Although I am Somewhere In Between.
I feel my Life Is On Standby,
Waiting for Pills to Rescue Me.
On Pens & Needles, dreaming;
As If Everything Was Held In Place,
Of Machines;
Has me Lost In Translation,
Asking Alexandria for permission,
To Stand Up & Scream!
Nobody Don’t Dance No More,
Waiting on the Final Episode.
Change The Channel,
I Was Once; Possibly, Maybe,
Perhaps A Cowboy King!
I’m more of a Danny Worsnop,
Not a Denis Stoff,
Blood curdling screaming & growling,
A Lesson Never Learned,
With Someone, Somewhere,
When The Lights Come On!
A mindset of Reckless & Relentless,
From Death To Destiny,
Forgetting The Black,
Hopelessly Hopeful Into The Fire,
I will never forget this.
Back to my roots I fall into Nirvana,
A Heart Shaped Box inside a Marigold,
Moist Vagina.
It Smells Like Teen Spirit,
The Lithium serenades me unto you.
Come As You Are, but Stay Away,
In Bloom.
Breed, On A Plain,
Endless, Nameless,
Something In The Way,
Please Rape Me,
While Kurt carries the tune.
I journey down a deeper path,
Feeling like The Used, The Who?
The Ghost of Jim Morrison,
Through The Doors of Evans Blue,
Cold, For Miles times Thrice,
The Flame Deluge.
My heart has become,
December Underground,
A Fire Inside with Miss Murder.
I am now Sleeping With Sirens,
& If I’m James Dean,
You’re Audrey Hepburn…

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