Infinite Dimensions.

Infinite Dimensions. (with Dustin, Jeremiah, & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Floating ; Floating,
Infinite ; Dimensions.
Floating ; Floating,
Infinite ; Dimensions.
Vibing ; Vibing,
Rhythmic ; Extensions.
Not to mention…
We’re levels beyond,
Basic comprehension,
These generous intentions.
Floating ; Floating,
Infinite ; Dimensions.
Floating ; Floating,
Infinite ; Dimensions.
Ascension ; Descension,
Somewhere between,
Where we know,
Fictions of imagination.
…… (Dustin)
What we’ve made,
Is more than one slave.
More than one slave,
Worth a trade on a day,
That was made on plate,
Plate with some numbers,
Numbers of multiples,
Tens & sevens, eights & nines,
Thirteens & elevens,
Geometries of the heavens,
Placed in ways, comprehensions,
Incompetency compensates,
Beyond dead end plays.
But the twelves with light,
The strands that light up,
The whole entire night!
A beautiful wedding reception,
Just before the dawn,
As the bride of honor just,
Gave her speech,
Right before she fucked the groom,
On the back lawn.
“Why so serious,” on the same dark knight?!
At which the love has gone,
But somehow appears just right.
Materiality wedged in a crack,
With no wiggle room,
Flip flops made into a thong.
It’s a long way up,
With loose lips & a quick tongue.
It’s a high flight,
With the sky soaring by slowly,
But yet…
The perceptional view looks out of sight.

— (Explicit)
Dimensions drag,
On & on…
Dimensions drag,
On & on…
Dimensions drag
On & on…
I’m here & then I’m gone,
I’m here & then I’m gone…

Infinite doors,
Open up & see,
What’s behind.
Key to the mind,
Stick it in & turn,
See what’s inside.
There are zillions of,
But which will we find?
& to which am I defined?
Each one;
Is one of a kind,
For destinies,
Stars shined,
Went blind,
Instincts inclined,
Hopes & dreams,
Ultimately silver lined.
With time on rewind,
My whole world,
This book binds,
These chapters of mine.
Through space & time,
Show me a sign,
Just show me a sign,
Lemme know that,
I’ll find my way just fine.
I’m here & then I’m gone,
Dimensions drag on,
To the further & beyond,
No idea…
How to respond,
A new age has dawned.
Sacrificing pawns,
For that easy win, check mate.
Enabled cookies for that click bait,
Take your chances on the sweepstakes.
Arts & crafts, hmm… What to create?
Speaking out from both sides,
Of this debate.
Genetically mutated,
To enhance;
My already abnormal traits.
Twisting ; Shifting shapes,
To redirect this misguided fate,
With everything in arms reach,
I never quite mastered the skills,
To navigate;
Through the endless bullshit & hate,
To find love; I must wait.
All good things shall come in the end,
The possibilities are timeless,
So if worst comes to worst then,
We can start again friend.
No end in sight.
Black holes,
Devouring light.
Solar flares,
Blinding bright.
I’ve reached,
Terrifying heights.
Infinite thoughts,
Through paradox,
Inside pandora’s box,
Millions of doors,
How many are locked?
How many…

— (Jeremiah)
I hopped;
On a roller coaster,
Not sure if I’m,
Or the toaster,
Seems I’m both.
& a ghost,
Infinite directions,
All exposed,
Won’t pick a path,
So I’ll explode,
Like the big bang,
Perfect alignment,
Uncertain consignment,
It’s a ride; I’ll say.
Come what may,
What lives;
Must also decay,
One side to the other,
Oh brother;
Another coin with three angles,
Guess I find myself amidst,
A city of fallen angels,
In this dimension,
We are the descendants,
Of ascended masters,
A classroom of kids,
Asking what really matters.
All wondering where we fit,
Inside this torroidial current,
Life ends in death.
A struggle until the end,
A door without a key,
No lock or way to see,
So we;
All wander the corridors,
Of infinity;
Without our creator,
Only to find,
Waiting patiently.
Make a choice,
Take a stand,
Or sink into a black hole,
Like quick sand.
Be wild creative and free,
Or drown in the sea of misery.
The ambiguity,
Of infinity;
Knows no limit,
You can turn everything around,
In a single minute.
It’ll always give you,
Exactly what you give it,
Remember the definition,
Of infinite.

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