Manifesting Monsters.

Manifesting Monsters. (with Dustin & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
From the monsters I’ve met,
The horrors;
That I’ll never forget.
The list;
Of many things that I regret.
Not to mention,
My level of stress,
Giving me;
Anxiety sweats.
These problems,
A paranoid mess.
Looks like,
God really put me,
To the test;
Could I conquer this quest?
Or will I just keep,
Manifesting monsters?
No doubt I’m afraid,
That’s what I confessed.
Walking through the darkness,
My inner light keeps me blessed.
I have every opportunity,
Let’s be honest…
I have quite the history,
Fucking my life up.
Where the fuck,
Is my mind going?
Seems the cold wind,
Is always blowing.
I’m a pisces though,
I’ll just keep on flowing.
Trying to pick up,
The seeds of my sowing,
Before they begin growing.
The turbulence is rough,
Feels like;
Life is never slowing.
Tell me; Why the race?
Why the long,
Displaced face?
I just can’t,
Seem to relate.
I just can’t,
Seem to blend,
Humanities trait.
I’m falling fast,
An alarming rate,
Crashing upon Earth,
Causing quite a quake.
I’ve had enough,
Reality for this day,
I’ll fall asleep &,
Never again awake.

— (Dustin)
Is it suicide or homicide,
If I murder my mind?
Cast aside;
The deeper demonic pride,
That hides in the deposits,
Of wrong & right.
There are no such thing as monsters.
Just subconscious thoughts,
Programmed to rob us,
Put in place by debilitating traits,
Called heritage,
But it’s more like genetic waste,
But wait!
Pack a lunch & let’s take a past lane.
Cruise down 30 East,
Right off of Southwest Parkway,
The place just passed where fate stayed
Memoirs of memories begin,
To fall like beautiful snow flakes,
Strange lakes of fire begin to create,
Where the lies precipitate,
Good & bad melt together,
As the fake same,
Played games with one another,
While the ghost of Gene Kelly danced,
“Singing in the rain” ; “Anchors Aweigh”,
I can hear Frankie Blue Eyes,
& the sirens detouring my wake,
Navy piers are crowded,
As families wave,
& wish me good riddance,
As my eyes open face down,
Looking up through a sewer drain.
…… (Explicit)
The conjuring of one’s own,
Dark & twisted imagination,
Is quite the;
Unfavorable conversation.
Through our trials & tribulations,
We seek to tweak,
The destination of our navigation.
We prize to rise higher,
Than the reach of our aspirations,
Despite the degrading commentations,
Spoken upon us, on our trying souls,
In this time so dire, reaping revelations.

— (Dustin)
Is it a good deed or a crime,
If I save a life,
That is not mine to justify?
The monstrosities that poke & prod,
My conscious autonomy,
Leaves me questioning fraudulency.
So which brick fits the slits,
That stacked cracks that mislead,
My eyes to fit?
Interpretation perhaps missed,
In which I am relayed,
A perceptive piece of a kiss,
Given by a vision dreamed with a pinch.
Too many things that switch,
Thought, think, that, was, is, this,
Something to risk?
What are the nightmares?
Cemented walls filling space,
With a light bearer that tricks,
Gives tips;
For the best priced tickets,
To take long trips,
Trips I’ll never remember,
To tell my kids,
My friends wish on me to be,
More than just a wish,
Whisp as the winds touch my skin,
Lend one last hint to mend,
All the choices of learned sin,
While I bend what’s broke,
For the intent upon my own grip,
Only to lose;
What’s real in a life of pretend…

— (Explicit)
Crossing rooms,
A glimpse,
Of the mirror consumes.
My attention zooms,
As I;
Excavate the skeletons,
From this tomb.
Perhaps this is growth,
In bloom?
One must face doom,
To see change soon.
Feels like;
My life been shifting,
Like sand dunes.
The more I feast,
The more I get stuffed,
Like crab rangoon.
Peyote under the moon,
Amplify my soul’s volume.
Is a lil’ bit outta tune,
Subliminal since June.
I unwrap the cocoon,
To unleash my, my,
My failure is their success,
Take a look at my sponsors.
Everyone I know is just,
Acting like they was,
Kevin Costner’s.
If we ranking the rosters,
I got;
Imagination like Foster’s,
Thoughts like philosophers,
On acid tabs, doing dabs.
My mind like cigarettes,
It just drags,
Attention spanned,
Jet lagged.
Lands away,
Here to Bagdad.
As monsters,
Exhaling demons,
Out my chest.
Tonight the truth,
Laid down to rest.
Rested in peace,
This soul,
Completely blessed.
Save me;
From the horrors,
Trapped inside,
My torturous,
Sickly twisted,
Kind of mind.
After all, a moment,
to breathe,
Is soo hard to find.
It’s about time,
I get these chakras,
Organized & re-aligned.
Through the grapevine,
Tells; That great fortune,
Will blossom,
With adequate sunshine,
A precise amount of time.
These monsters are all,
Creations of the mind,
Running wild.
Gotta learn to tame,
The beasts
To locate your inner peace,
My dearest flower child.

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