Nocturnal Creatures.

Nocturnal Creatures.
(with Amelia & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Night time,
Be the right time,
The moonlight shine,
Upon us.
Smokin’ on,
That green pine.
Sippin’ on,
That fine wine,
That make,
These minds,
Six nine;
With no trust,
And all lust.
…… (Amelia)
Sippin’ Moonshine;
while that Moon shines,
Diamond eyes And fire flys;
light, That night sky
As this pen writes.
Thru the midnight.
Thru the dusk.
As bodies thrust,
and roll around.
Sleepless nights,
In silence I’m drowned.
As they rest,
I’m wired for sound.
Shadow seekers
Midnight dreamers
Wear the crown.
Of the lonely,
Of the wanting,
Wanting of something
Far away from this town.
Here me now.
As I cry out
Lust filled symphony
Of those unbound
When that sun goes down.
We all come ’round.
Nocturnal creatures
In the darkness
We’re found.

— (Explicit)
A pair;
Of twin flames,
A couple,
Of no-names,
With no shame.
Hellfire rains,
Forth came,
The roaring pains.
More strange,
Rick James,
On cocaine.
Been blowing,
My brain;
Like Cobain.
Gimme platinum,
Them old chains.
Echoes at the moon,
Campfire embers,
Start to blaze,
Summer be lost in,
The dead gaze.
This hopeful heart,
Dragging me through,
The damn maze.
Tossing waves like,
The moon;
Inna new phase.
Nocturnal be,
The new craze,
We’re creaures,
Of comfort,
Inna dying age.
We’re casualties of,
This war we wage,
Psychological rage.
I feel like the bird,
That broke out the cage.
This overflow of ideas,
Got me;
Writing off the page.

The harvest so full,
I’m in love with,
The glow of it’s light.
Oddly; It seems,
To make everything,
Feel somewhat alright.
Inna’ world,
Of black & white,
I’m the burst of color,
Bout’ to ignite.
Bleed my soul in this,
Shit that I write,
Test me & bitch I might,
Just take flight,
Deep into the nothingness,
Of this;
Darkest midnight.
I might just hit the blunt,
And dip outta sight.
If I’m what’s wrong,
Then I don’t,
Wanna be right,
The height of tensions.
Wandering through,
Multiplied dimensions,
Without consideration,
Of modern conventions.
It’s time;
To unwrap the extention,
Plug into this redemption.

— (Amelia)
Through the night
Through the haze
We fuck and play
And misbehave
Learning a way
To appreciate
And recreate
These features
Oh nacturnal creatures
Gazing at the sky
Wondering whens
Our chance to fly
Maybe tonight
Maybe not.
Nows the time
Follow your heart
Unleash the beast
You rhyming freaks
Unleash the beat
As we wonder
These streets.
The darkness creeps
Tryin’ to find a way
To cease
Our screams.
And pleas
Of dreams
Not so far off
At dawn
They’ll be on
Nows the chance
Dont let it slip away.
…… (Explicit)
We just;
Lost in the dark.
We just;
A lil bit off mark.
Nocturnal life,
Is awfully bizarre.
I think;
It’s about time,
We learn;
Just who we are.

We just;
Lost in the dark.
We just;
A lil bit off mark.
Nocturnal life,
Is awfully bizarre.
I think;
It’s about time,
We learn;
Just who we are.

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