Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Hole. (with Rylie & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Down the rabbit hole,
Jump right in…
Down the rabbit hole,
Is where we begin…
Selling my sacred soul,
To indulge my sins…
I’ve been losing my way,
Shedding into new skin…
Eyes cryin’; I’m dyin’,
Yet again…
Eyes cryin’; I’m dyin’,
Yet again…
…… (Rylie) *drug*
Why hello there love,
Long time no see.
Looks like you came back,
Or maybe you just missed me?
Hey now, no need to cry.
How about you,
Put me in your mouth,
& swallow me dry.
I’ll fog up your brain,
So you don’t feel a thing,
& tie up your emotions,
To the point where,
They won’t sting.
Come on now,
I can take it all away.
Bottoms up little one,
Let’s numb the pain away.

— (R)
I just don’t know anymore.
I feel so alone.
It’s as if Earth took off,
& it left me at home.
I feel like I’m sinking,
Straight into a song,
Tied together,
But my thoughts,
Are all gone.
I just don’t know if,
You’ll be enough,
I think I might need,
Something a little tough.

— *drug*
Oh well of course my dear,
Come come;
You sit down, right here.
Did I mention,
I’m easily prescribed,
You just go to the doctor,
& say all sorts of little lies.
There will be no more sadness,
& no more depression.
I’ll take all your feelings inside,
My web of deception.
So what do ya say?
Wanna work out these knots?
Here, have a sneak peek,
Mix me with a few little shots.

— (R)
You’re probably right,
I mean look at me,
A struggling soul,
Can’t even make myself,
Start to believe.
But I’m feeling something,
A little bit dark,
Maybe more easy,
I don’t think you understand.
I want it to hurt me,
I want it to really hurt me…
…… (Explicit)
Down the rabbit hole,
I go;
Where it stops,
Well… Nobody knows.
Down the rabbit hole,
I go;
Where it stops,
Well… Nobody knows.
Wonder if I’ll be,
The one that finds out,
How far it goes…
Guess it goes to show,
These pills & dro’,
Just don’t cut it for me,
No more;
Upgrade to blow,
Snort a couple lines,
Ride that flow,
This life is too fast,
Gotta take it slow,
Well… I know a way.
My only hope is that,
It don’t kill me today.
I know some of y’all,
Would say “hoo-ray”,
If my;
Bothersome ass,
Passed away.

— (E)
Seven lines of Percocet,
Why aren’t they workin’ yet?
Demons still lurkin’, bet.
Pressured like a water jet,
Sobriety been floppin’,
Like fish in nets;
Sorting out my regrets,
Hopin’ I’ll find an answer,
By the end of this cigarette.
Is my tolerance too high,
Am I;
Gonna keep chasin’ this high?
Well; why not? I mean;
What other choice do I got?
Everyone knows,
I’ve been through a lot,
Hoping this;
Is just part of the shitty plot,
& victory will soon take it’s slot.
Heart twisted up in knots,
Lately; I’ve been tempted to explore,
The other side of this paradox.
Just lemme slip off my shoes & socks,
& jump right in & take a swim.

— *drug*
Got problems?
Well guess what?
I’m your fix.
I promise truth,
All I got is tricks.
Melting on the spoon,
Got vapors like Vic’s.
I’mma pretty fuckin’,
Disastrous pick,
I’m addicting upon,
First stick.
I’ll love you through,
Thin & thick,
As long as you always,
Come running back,
For your fix.

— (E)
Through the hole,
To kill a feeble soul.
Sewn & stitched,
Hoping to become,
Something beautiful.
Black suit, white collar,
Ain’t my kind of suitable.
I’m bottom gutter,
& that’s just irrefutable.
Onna high &;
I don’t wanna comedown.
Onna high &;
But I just can’t comedown.
I fear it’ll kill me.
It has my soul locked up,
So inna sense I’ve lost,
The real me.
Unsure of my innocence,
Perhaps I’m guilty,
I signed the dotted line,
They tried to warn me, but…
I just needed something more…
I’m sorry…

— *drug*
With love comes sacrifice,
& so comes the reaper.
Terms & conditions defined,
That impending doom’s,
A creeper.
Every day our love grows,
You become a bit weaker.
Faded blue skies turn bleaker,
Proceed with caution cause’,
If you get caught slippin’,
You’ll lose your soul,
Like a bottomless sneaker.
I’ll absorb every drop of,
Your life force;
I’ll steal it all with no remorse.
Eventually you & I will have,
Run our course,
& best believe it’s gonna be,
A treacherous divorce.

— *paramedics*
Quick; Grab the Narcan,
He overdosed with,
The syringe in his hand.
Load him up,
Into the ambulance,
We’re losing him.
He was gamblin’ his life,
Inna game that he’ll,
Never win.
Curiosity kills the cat,
Takes the skin,
We lost another one,
To the rabbit hole,
Yet again…
Another soul,
Spread too thin,
He was drownin’,
For another swim.
Stare into the abyss,
& the;
Abyss will stare back,
With a grin.
Another lost spirit,
Away with the wind.
The end is the beginning,
The beginning is the end.
The end is the beginning,
The beginning is the end.
Can someone notify,
The next of kin, please?
…… (Rylie)
Then it hit me,
All my feelings from within,
Everything I was running from,
Everything buried deep in my skin.
I turned into the monster.
I spread the infection.
I let my mind open,
Just to point it in the wrong direction.
I miss my friends.
I miss my family.
I really fucking miss,
The person I used to be.
I tried,
But couldn’t.
To accept that pain.
I took the long road,
And showed myself my own shame.
So let me tell you,
What it is that I know.
Far enough down that rabbit hole,
It will make you realize,
That you were already full.

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