Rib Cage.

Rib Cage. (with Jesslee, Jeremiah, & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Breathing so hard,
There’s cracks,
Within my rib cage.
Breathing so hard,
With trembling hands,
Cannot turn the page.
Breathing so hard,
To cleanse my soul,
I’m burnin’ sage.
Finding inner peace,
Through exhaled rage.
Best choose carefully,
The wars you wage.
Best choose carefully,
For failure’s not a phase.
…… (Jesslee)
I got dreams in these bones,
That I can’t inflate.
Inside collapsed ribcage,
Of self doubt & rage.
I have love, turned to hate,
That I can’t shake,
Anything else out of to wake,
The universe with because,
Of past mistakes.
Haunting me,
Through phantom hearts,
Of long lost loves,
With troves of battle scars,
To prove it.
I’ve built a home here,
Desolate & somehow complete.
These bones;
A foundation for walls I’d eventually,
Want to build into rooms,
For all the love I know I can have,
But instead;
It’s a make shift tent of,
What if’s & musn’t haves.

— (Explicit)
Beatin’ out my chest.
Scared bird,
Afraid to escape the nest.
Cross my chest,
Hope to stay blessed,
For heaven upon Earth,
Is beyond that matrix.
Hell is probably,
The closest thing next,
But we’ll let those,
Crossroads intersect,
Here inna quick sec.
I need a moment,
To reflect & reconnect,
Organize life’s puzzling,
Call me the architect.
Mmm… This freezing chill,
Has frozen me still,
Held prisoner against my will.
Shoot with the intent to kill,
Chasing murderous thrills,
The void never fills.
I count numerous skills,
Hot n’ Fresh from off the grill.
Everything I know fades,
With the dose of just one pill.
Feelin’ like Jack n’ Jill,
Tumblin’ down an infinite hill.
Damn; This is my infinite hell.
Bones ; Snap,
Thoughts ; Wrap,
Spinal ; Tapped,
Yo ; Issa ; Trap.
Winter ; Cold ; Caps,
Like ; Candle ; Wax.
My ; Rib ; Cage ; Cracks,
I’m ; Not ; Sure,
If ; It’ll ; Ever ; Heal ; Back.

Bones ; Snap,
Thoughts ; Wrap,
Spinal ; Tapped,
Yo ; Issa ; Trap.
Winter ; Cold ; Caps,
Like ; Candle ; Wax.
My ; Rib ; Cage ; Cracks,
I’m ; Not ; Sure,
If ; It’ll ; Ever ; Heal ; Back.
…… (Jeremiah)
I start battles even when I have broken ribs,
I’ve got wars to wage
And time doesn’t stop amidst
The battle field of insults and bullet mist
Every shot fired
Comes across as conflicting desire
Breathing heavy and ready to retaliate
I’ve got iron in my veins
Cold steel in my gut
These ribs want to give up
Cracked from loved ones I let get close
Took off the armor and showed em’ the most
Pin removed
Grenade consumed
Blasted into tattered pieces
And then twice removed
Black and blue
Which is why I do
All I can,
Living proof.
Anyone can pull through
So careful when you step up
I’ve been devastated and cremated
By those I love
Ribs busted
Convalescence is seeping through
Bloody warfare and burning rage too
Can’t hide the angst anymore
I just gotta tear through
Every opposing door.

I haven’t always been this way
Tender. Free. Alive.
Scarred. Afraid. Deprived
“You see those innocents,
I used to breathe just like em’.
But don’t be fooled kiddo.
You’ve got two choices.
There’s love and war.
And there’s no difference.”

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