Spray Paint.

Spray Paint. (with Dustin, Ivan, & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
I got;
So many colors,
You wanna see?
I got;
So many colors,
I’mma set em’ free.
Bob Ross,
Up on the canvas,
Paintin’ trees,
Beautiful sceneries.
I want a life that’s,
Picture perfect,
That’s too good,
Even for me.
*Shakes can*
Let’s paint the portrait,
Of a man…
Share the story for those,
Who don’t understand,
Exactly who the fuck I am.
This right here be my jam,
Straight from concentrate,
I got that high demand.
No plan; Big dreams,
Just me n’ my band,
Of brothers,
Searching the land,
For wonderland,
No map at hand, but;
We command our fates,
We make our place,
In this waste of space.
We create;
The very truth we taste.
Spread that warpaint,
Across your face,
Show the scars,
Of your heart,
Using the beauty,
Of art;
As a way to embrace,
All the feelings that,
All the years & dreams,
That I chased,
Barely kept up the pace,
Tripped a couple times,
Untied lace…
Fell through the floor,
Broke my face,
I never lost my grace.
I never lost my faith,
Life would try to,
In the end I knew,
Just believing,
Would help cooperate.
This is something,
I could not fabricate.
Dare I need,
To rest my case?
I mean;
What’s there to,
I’m not one,
To perpetuate.
Make no mistake,
The great shall rise,
From within,
Break all ties,
Immortalized by,
Immortal eyes,
Of sin;
Refresh my breath,
Regain my second wind.
Feel the chill within,
My skeleton.
I’ve always had a story,
Just never could tell it then.

— (Dustin)
Better grab that can,
Snatch that tag,
Strap on your respirator mask,
We’re about to dive in the chemical lab…
Brace yourself with the better half,
Slap a wall,
with the image we can’t recall,
Take mental picture,
To forget the all,
Feel the fall,
Fake to relate with the influential,
Celebration of the,
Self we center,
Hell’s the mental,
Heart’s the heaven,
To reach the pentacle,
But we’re cenacle,
Aerosol can pressed to spray,
Pin point the spot,
Our brain,
Mind lift off a thought,
The clouds,
The rain,
The sane,
The same,
In-same of the sane!
Erase our name,
Write an art,
Ponders apart,
Ends a start,
Where were you the moment,
Your mother gave you the earth,
and gave you a heart?

— (Ivan)
Watch us all taint
See how we put on a fake face
Sorta like it was spray paint
Come on!
All I wanna be is a saint
Here, Let’s wipe off our war paint
We all have past
That would make our momma faint
But it’s never to late
You can always escape

The paint isn’t your fate
The paint isn’t your fate
Isn’t your fate
Ya ya

What do you feel?
What do you chase?
How can that be replaced?
Let’s erase the concept of race
We all know our place
We all have a face
Our mistakes
Aren’t the only thing
Being made
You have been saved
We have been saved
Yet we feel like
…… (Explicit)
Graffiti; Graffiti,
On the wall.
Please show me,
Wtf to draw.
Graffiti; Graffiti,
On the wall.
I could blend in,
Spray these colors,
Say fuck em’ all.

Graffiti; Graffiti,
On the wall.
Please show me,
Wtf to draw.
Graffiti; Graffiti,
On the wall.
I could blend in,
Spray these colors,
Say fuck em’ all.

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