Face the pain,
Face the truth.
Embrace the love,
Embrace the youth.
The going gets tough,
Hang the noose.
Just rest your head,
Hang loose,
Make peace with life,
Call a truce,
Let the shit fertilize,
You can grow,
Like a spruce into,
A better you.
Slip on the mask,
Fill up the flask,
Twist up the wax,
Master these tracks,
Build up these stacks,
Chaptered in acts,
Livin’ with love,
Keys to happiness,
These just facts,
Written in ALL CAPS.
Sometimes it feel like,
You walkin’ through,
A dark room filled with,
Bear traps.
Distracted in phone apps,
Eyes rollin’ like craps,
Mind cluttered with ash.
You’re falling fast,
Head first in a can of trash,
You gotta let go of the past…
You gotta…
Let go of the shit holdin’ ya back…
You gotta…
Let go of that shit, grudging is wack…
Don’t be another faceless hack,
Jackin’ credit that you don’t deserve.
Don’t cheat someone else cause’,
You’re discouraged.
Well you only cheat yourself cause’,
Then there’s no lessons learned,
What you seek is not earned.
Waiting & wasting time,
Only takes you,
To the urn for a slow burn.
So sick to the stomach,
Feel the guts churn.
So sick to the stomach,
Feel the organs squirm,
This ain’t the perm,
Focus your attention,
This ain’t even your,
Gravest concern.

Tell me;
You gonna face this,
Or remain faceless?
No aim; no game,
And your credibility,
Is nameless.
You gonna let your,
Intelligence or stupidity,
Make you famous?
Make it well known,
That you’re shameless,
The beauty of struggle,
Is that it is never painless.
You may think that’s a con,
But I see it as a pro.
You know why?
No, I don’t think that you know.
You see, you are the seed & pain is,
The water that’ll make you grow.
That’s why tears are made from H²O.
Pleasure will always come,
After the woeful sorrows that glow;
From your radiant skin, head to toe.
Spread across,
With flesh stitched & sown,
Weaved betwixt muscle & bone.
Just know;
Standing still will turn you to stone.
Don’t be the one who gets left at home,
You’ve got a potential all of your own.
Vast amounts of energy,
Waiting for conversion,
Into the fuel that makes you go.
You may not think so,
It’s in the actions you show.
Either do something about it,
Watch all your problems,
Fall like snow.
Stick to YOUR pace,
The world will slow,
Down it’s flow,
Just keep,
Your head afloat,
Continue to row.
I know;
You’ll find the lighter space,
Within your darkest place.
Mind got you feelin’ encased,
& swept off the page,
Into the waste basket.
Feels like death,
Wake up out of your casket.
Get a grip on your erratic,
Emotional racket.
You have all the tools,
Although you feel like you lack it.
Friends turning looser than elastic,
That you been cut from,
The wrong fabric.
Gotta learn to turn,
Your traumatic events into magic.
We all been through some bad shit,
The type to make you go bat shit.
Life is all about energy,
Living positive is your best tactic.
Quit dreaming from the mattress,
You’ll find in time,
That all this pain is just batting practice,
Gotta keep swingin’ to get past this,
Before your time burns up like a matchstick.
& unable to recognize,
When one can’t see,
Their faults;
Then how can one truly,
Somewhere in the midst,
Of all this shit,
Surely; We could come,
To a compromise?
Just be sure to look away,
Lies bleed from my eyes,
Shinin’ like;
A blood covered sunrise.
Day turns to night,
Damn, how the time flies.
Seems the faceless,
Is now face to face with,
Their own demise.

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