When Darkness.

Pure light breaks through,
The cracks of glass.
With you; I’ll make it through,
The night to pass.
I just wanna pause time,
Like when the camera flash.
A love which leaves quite,
The aftermath,
Pompeii covered with,
Volcanic ash.
Hmm… Where’s the catch?
Tell me; Would it be,
Unrealistic to say,
That when I met you,
I was blown away?
But hey, real quick,
Through thin & thick,
Together we stick.
If loyalty was your pick,
You’ve found my trick.
So lovesick,
Seems Lemony Snick,
The chilling tale,
To this unfortunate flick.
Burnt fresh outta wick,
Start my fire,
Are my Bic.
Others thought,
They was slick,
Waste my time,
Bit by bit,
Thank you love,
For pulling me,
Out my pit.
Honestly that,
Took a lot,
Of guts & grit.
Not many,
Can put up with,
My shit.
Been tryna’,
Exercise my demons,
Like CrossFit.
Souls intertwined,
A tightly knit,
Patchwork stitch.
Flawed code,
Hidden in the system,
Yeah; I’m the glitch.
Been wonderin’,
What makes one rich?
Cause’ wealth was,
Never about money so
I buried that thought,
In the ditch .
I wanna stream,
Our love like Twitch,
But; I’m afraid,
Your feelings might switch.
Soo… Is this fate,
Will this fade?
You tell me which.
Lemme tell you bout’,
Darkness had feelings.
Lemme tell you bout’,
& all other endeavors,
In dealing.
Lemme tell you bout’,
The love;
I’ve been secretly,
Concealing because,
I cannot believe,
That in which I am feeling.
Through years of stealing,
Many layers of peeling.
I find myself;
At the crossroads of,
Enlightenment & healing.

My heart is;
A dark & empty void.
Often times I feel,
& extremely fucking,
Then along came you,
From out the blue,
Making me question,
That I believed was true.
I come apart,
Because I lack the glue,
Feelin’ like Colonel Mustard,
Without a fucking clue,
Of what to do.
You saved me from myself,
If this wasn’t already,
Something that you knew.
I’ve been down,
A time or two, hmm…
Even a few.
Damn; Thought I out-grew,
This lonesome view.
Damn; Thought I out-grew,
This lonesome view.
Still wondering what’s true,
She loves me, she loves me not,
In the wind, the petals blew.

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