Changing Seasons.

Picture this; A scorched summer afternoon, with a refreshing breeze rolling through, from distant places unknown. These breezes whisper hopes of change & reconciliation, warning premonitions of future follies awaiting your down fall. Calling you to wake up from your day dreams, before you slumber for good within that present comatose state. Fear not; For fate has many wicked ways, of twisting itself into your favor. One must first learn to master his or her behavior. It is not necessary to bow down to saviors when you can be your own. Checked by reality, you come back to the realization of your previous surroundings. Trembling hand drops glass of (already) spilt lemonade on the old rickety deck that you had been standing on, with a crescendo of jingling chimes in the relentless wind. They keep ringing, & ringing, & ringing…

Now, fall backwards into a pile of leaves, on Autumn’s doorstep. Feel the cool touch of a lukewarm temperature, as leaves delicately float towards the ground. Although they’re dead, they’re still quite beautiful, aren’t they? The familiar smells of roasted wood from a fresh campfire, inspire me to travel higher, beyond the expectations of those who don’t even know me, but pretend as if they have walked every mile either by my side or in my shoes directly. I write these tales to protect me, but also to introspect my mentality, constantly question my sanity & morality. Autumn will be the death of me, but who here says death can’t be beautiful?

Imagine now; Time frozen still in a winter chill. Staring towards the sky as snowflakes gently kiss my face, like touches from angels. The negative degrees fills my lungs as I breathe, all while icicles spike within my chest. This cold feeling I feel, feels unreal to my appeal, almost as if I’m experiencing something out of body. Am I reflecting? Is this a metaphor of growth, or perhaps just an oath? In the peripheral sight of my eye, I spied an avalanche crashing against me with a force of a thousand mountains. Bones & flesh cease to exist, only the spirit remains wandering lost & afraid. Unfortunately nothing is meant to stay the same forever.

Spring forward; To a brand new thought process, one that brings life to all your wildest dreams. Allow your inner inspiration to bloom like fields of flowers, and spread across the Earth as bumblebees pick apart your pollen and carry it gracefully. Butterflies flutter and their wings create a dramatic cause & effect change on our ecosystem. A down pour of rain comes to wash away the sins of innocence, we are now cleansed, we are now reborn.

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