Gimme Shelter.

Gimme Shelter. (with Strange, Chelsea, & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Gimme Shelter,
From these demons.
Gimme Shelter,
From these demons.
Issa Helter Skelter,
With no good reason.
Gimme Shelter,
From these demons.
I’m tryna’ change,
Even if;
It’s only for a season.
I’m tryna’ change,
Even if;
That means I must,
Stop breathin’.
Doing everything &,
To stop the bleedin’.
I seek shelter,
I hope you protect me,
While I’m sleepin’.
Nighty night,
I’ll see you when,
I’m dreamin’.
Open up your sanctuary,
This world is very scary.
I’m frightened & in the dark,
Shed some light,
I could use me a little spark.
Something to stitch up,
My broken & fragile heart,
You know every night,
It be falling apart.
Broken to pieces,
I’m melting like,
Sun soaked Reece’s,
I’ve got many thoughts,
This just my thesis.
Won’t you please,
Oh please;
Deliver us from evil?
I’m just tryin’,
Not to crash & burn,
Like Knievel.
These bloody hands,
Are quite feeble,
I mean how could they,
Ever hold a crown so regal?
Perhaps I’m not worthy,
Perhaps I’m too much,
Of a critic.
Perhaps my poisonous,
Perceptions be quite acidic.
Bright bulb turned pitch black,
These my chronicles of Riddick.
I took these truth’s,
To the other side & hid it,
But when questioned,
Will never admit it.
All things taken,
Must be returned,
It’s about time I go,
& get it.
I’ve gotta give up,
This falsified gimmick,
Cause’ it’s gonna kill me,
Cause’ it’s gonna kill me…

Cover me for,
I am exposed.
Bring me back,
I am comatose.
Gimme a second wind,
To resurrect the host,
I save my soul,
For the holiest ghost,
Who be doing me,
The most good.
I don’t just believe,
Cause’ I “should”,
I believe cause’,
It’s where;
I’m understood.
Just feels so good.
Yeah… soo good.

— (Chelsea)
We all fight battles unseen,
Angels and Demons,
Disguised as human beings,
Lord help us discern these things,
And earn our wings,
Help us love,
When we don’t trust enough,
We become numb,
Help us feel,
So we can see what’s real,
Without masking the pain,
Maybe we could heal,
If we just withstand the rain,
This pain won’t last,
Nothing ever does,
In a land;
Where people wear masks,
Where faith fades fast,
Instead of seeing,
We’d rather wear shades,
Using words as blades,
Cutting deeper each day,
It’s crazy to say,
This is the place we stay,
Though I know it’s not home,
We’re all lost souls roaming,
Searching for our home,
Feeling alone,
Just know God never left us,
Every breath & heartbeat,
Is a blessing,
Although you can’t see the wind,
It’s still there,
Chill stop stressing,
He still cares,
He’s the gravity,
The good & great in you & me,
So many amazing things,
We have yet to see,
If we just believe.
…… (Explicit)
I wonder;
Do ya hear me?
I wonder;
Are ya near me?
Please promise,
You’re there,
To guide & steer me.
I’m just a mortal man,
A madman’s theory.
The truth;
Keeps me leery.
Send me an angel,
For I grow tired,
& weary.
Emotions dreary,
I think;
Happiness fears me,
For reasons unknown.
Isn’t it funny how,
Amongst billions of people,
Someone can feel so alone?
Lost & helpless dog,
Please just throw me a bone,
Please just take me back home,
Cause’ these garden snakes,
Turnin’ me to stone.

— (Shelby)
I’m so low;
So low.
Staying content,
Yet everbent,
On not knowing,
Which way I oughta go.
I wait, follow & tumble,
With whichever way,
The wind blow.
Trauma compareable,
To tsunami’s & tornadoes.
Human hearts among those,
Twisted innuendos;
Majestic Rainbows,
Mixed with;
Love & hate parables.
Staying on my very tip toes,
The motion comes and goes.
Glass shatters & emotion flows.
The feathers remind me,
Angels are near.
Along the paths I travel,
I can’t help but to shed tears,
For the years.
Until I can see for myself,
It’s not just road construction,
But a dead end clear.
Always here & there, my angels;
Pulling me out of sadness & despair. 💛
…… (Explicit)
All I need is love,
The clouds part to,
Shed your light from,
All I need is purity,
Freedom from obscurity,
You see me from the outside,
You don’t see,
What’s under the surface, me.
All I need is faith,
Divine grace; Clementine taste,
A floating soul between time & space,
All I need is my beliefs,
I already have these dreams,
To chase.
Such beautiful things in my mind,
Hmm… whatta waste.


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