Yeah; Yeah.
Shuffle those feet,
To this beat,
Baby; Don’t be discreet,
Cause’ we all incomplete,
Yeah; Yeah.
Move them bones,
Whether or not,
You’re amongst a crowd,
Or all alone;
You’ve got a whole,
Galaxy to roam.
Yeah; Yeah.
Groove to the sound,
Fuck it;
We’re all hellbound,
To the realm adjacent,
Every dog has their day,
So welcome,
To the dog pound,
Where souls are lost,
But; Never found.
No; No; Yeah,
They’re never found.
There ain’t a soul,
Left around.

I got the poetry,
With a hook,
That’ll leave ya shook.
Took your attention,
Just like a crook,
I’m the type of criminal,
That the cops can’t book.
I blossom these rhymes,
Like a florist,
Inna flower nook.
I run this chess board,
Like a rook;
These king’s cooked.
Maniac’s think they royal,
Til’ I bring the heat,
Then their;
Ego’s boil in bubbling turmoil.
These potent roots,
Rot innocent soil for the spoils,
Then I blow expectations,
Microwaved tin-foil.
With thoughts, essential like oil,
I conduct the coil,
With electrical currents.
Excuse my occurrence,
But; What the fuck,
Is assurance?
Perhaps it’s the transference,
Of positive energy,
But my body;
Rejected it once upon it’s,
Attempt to enter me,
But all it does is,
Wet cement my memory,
Of everything I despise.
I’m completely sick,
Of this world & all of it’s lies.
Fake tears; Phony cries,
In hopes;
To immortalize,
The sadness within,
Ones very own eyes.
Oh; The demise,
Of the wise,
Gave disguise,
To the rise,
Of the hypnotized.
Pray to the skies,
That hell;
May not compromise,
The intentions,
Of the marginalized,
There’s a segregation,
Amongst the unpopular,
No one wants to speak,
Upon the foundation,
Of a corrupt,
Society’s conjugation.
It appears,
That I am the only one,
With an aggravation,
Who’s willing to take the,
Character’s assassination,
For a nation’s liberation.
As the cancer of this country,
Begins augmentation,
A rapidly interchanging mutation,
With this self destructing,
Simulation undergoing renovation,
What a revelation,
Such a devastating complication.
Perhaps I shall fall into formation,
Enslave my mind,
Into an unforgiving incarceration.
Space off;
Deep into the sky,
And count the constellations.
Forget the fabrications,
Pointless fascinations,
As I give into;
The ideology of being,
The abomination,
Disapproved for appreciation,
Lacking the qualifications,
For authorization.
Maybe this reality is just,
Some sort of hallucination,
Or maybe;
I’m just making shit up for,
Reckless recreation.
Oh; No.
Hooked on a feeling…
Lured by fate,
With bait;
Now the line is reeling…
Oh; No.
Hooked on a feeling…
Lured by fate,
With bait;
Now the line is reeling…
Oh; No.
Hooked on a feeling…
Lured by fate,
With bait;
Now the line is reeling…
Oh; No.
Hooked on a feeling…
Lured by fate,
With bait;
Now the line is reeling…
Oh; No.


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