Twilight Zone.

It is a dimension as vast as space & as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light & shadow, between science & superstition, & it lies between the pit of man’s fears & the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.
Wake my eyes,
Jet lagged,
For a moment,
Until I realize,
That my;
Whole world is,
Not harmonized,
& uncategorized.
Each new dimension,
Slightly adjusts what,
Would be my,
Untimely demise.
Soaring high through,
The endless sky,
My mind flies,
At the speed of light.
Asteroid crashing,
It’s way;
Through the satellites.
Magnetic like Hematite,
Onna snow blind flight,
Through the hazey,
Crystal white,
Frozen over surface,
Jack Frost’s bitter bite.
Sought vengeance,
Keeps us acting in spite,
These loops of logic,
Slips my sight,
Divided between what’s,
Wrong & right,
It’s quite the tireless fight,
That drains me of all my might.
Living the same hell,
Over & over again at night,
Who knew;
The truth could shine so bright.
Who knew I wouldn’t,
Be able;
To keep my head screwed tight.
Twinkle ; Twinkle,
Little star,
How I wonder where,
We truly are.
Searching for a horizon,
That’s few & far,
Between Earth & Mars,
I’m talkin’ bout the long,
Way round.
A place where,
Lost is found,
Found is lost.
Even a strong,
Can be tossed,
Pinned to a cross,
No matter what the cost.
In the twilight zone like,
The Holocaust,
Took a look at my life,
Realized all was lost.

I don’t think we’ll ever truly realize how crazy life really is. Although it seems further from the truth,
We’re really just a stone’s throw away from another dimension, adjacent to our very own realm of existence. We believe in many concepts that don’t truly exist, so why does a zone beyond the twilight, not make the exception? We put power in meaningless paper. We give all of beliefs to religions that lack sufficient proof, praying to someone who might not be there. We chase something that doesn’t actually exist: Time. We claim we’re running out of time, but when did we ever have time to begin with? Not to mention, time has become the biggest commodity of all, as jobs pay you for your time. Like a hamster on a spinning wheel, we keep running, hoping to get somewhere, but we never quite end up where we imagined we’d be. None of us are dying to live, we’re just living to die, but why? Maybe we’re in the twilight zone & don’t even realize it. Maybe this existential pain & suffering is our own personal hell. Maybe this hell is just a detour to heaven. Maybe nothing is real, maybe these words aren’t real, maybe my thoughts aren’t real. Maybe I’m just a floating conscience, imaging a life I can never actually live. I don’t really know, but who ever does?

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